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Research On The Legal Problems About Protection Of Tourism Environment

Posted on:2012-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368978948Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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With the rapid development of social economy and the continuing improvement of people's life, the tourism in our county are facing a strong development. Since the demands for an eco-tourism market which featured with going back to nature are increasing, eco-tourism is becoming an important part of world tourism activities. From the perspective of tourism development, eco-tourism have the fastest growing trend among world tourism, it's very clear that eco-tourism have become a fashion in world travel and it will become the mainstream in the 21 century. However, despite the rapid development of eco-tourism and it's huge economic benefits, there're still lots of contradictions and conflicts between eco-tourism, which means the exploitation of natural resources, and the protection and conservation of the nature. Because of inadequate laws and regulations, backward management system in eco-tourism and the blind over-exploitation, destruction of resources in ecological tourism zone is shocking. The fact that there're no "eco" in eco-tourism has seriously affected and restricted the future development of eco-tourism. Therefore, it's very important and imperative to advocate and implement a sustainable development in eco-tourism.This paper analyzes environmental protection laws and system of eco-tourism, it finds out that there are many deficiencies and gaps in legislation, law enforcement and justice, and the laws are uncoordinated with the eco-tourism hot. So, we need further research and exploration to solve this problem. Based on the actual eco-tourism situation in our country, we are learning experiences from other countries which are good at developing eco-tourism. This article proposed suggestions from four aspects in legislation, justice, law enforcement supervision and the improvement of environmental protection awareness, and it aims to increase the attentions of relevant departments, enterprises and individuals to set up the legal system, and aims to ease the conflicts between eco-tourism development and environmental protection. We can improve the legal system from the following ways:First, actively implement the legislative principles of sustainable development and further improve related laws and regulations to provide legal protection for eco-tourism. Second, strengthen law enforcement in eco-tourism, consolidate the administrative penalties for violations and establish a sound monitoring mechanism to protect and maintain of ecological tourism development. Third, at all levels, consolidate environmental public interest litigation institution. Improve the convergence mechanism between punishment and penalty for environmental damage. Actively improve the current judicial protection situation of China's eco-tourism. Fourth, establish a eco-tourism model which based on community involvement and put enough emphasis on environmental education to improve people's environmental protection awareness. Therefore, it can truly realize sustainable development and management legalization in eco-tourism, promoting the harmony between eco-tourism, environmental protection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ecological tourism, Sustainable development, Community participation, Protection education
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