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International Legal Regulation On The Social Responsbility Of Transnational Corporation

Posted on:2012-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368979901Subject:International law
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Since the company's business model was born, for centuries, the people operating the process for the company's moral responsibility to explore it never stopped. Especially after the industrial revolution, the company with the funds, manpower, resources, large-scale gathering, in the promotion of scientific and technological progress, promote economic development, increase employment, etc. to make a vital contribution; the other hand, due to the company for profit unlimited over-pursuit has led to the company at "cross-border", ignoring the legitimate rights and interests of workers, wanton exploitation of natural resources in exchange for self-aggrandizement.With the production of professional, social, and even globalization, the economic relations of human society has undergone enormous changes, among which the most typical emergence of multinational corporations. The rapid expansion of multinational corporations in the world, its impact, international economic relations, including international trade, international finance, great changes have taken place, so the multinational companies gradually aroused widespread concern. Like other companies, since the existence of business in society, then multinational companies should assume their social responsibility.In this paper, the social responsibility of transnational corporations in international legal regulation of its theme, analyzed and discussed relevant issues, in addition to the specific content of the article other than the preamble is divided into the following sections:The first part outlines the issues related to social responsibility of multinational companies, including the emergence of corporate social responsibility and development of profiles, and characteristics of the concept of multinational companies, on this basis, summarizes the characteristics of social responsibility of multinational companies, concluded that multinational companies In addition to general corporate social responsibility, social responsibility characteristics, but also has its own unique attributes.The second part of the social responsibility of multinational companies around the core to start, for the most current international discussions focused on four issues, namely, the responsibility to protect workers of multinational companies, multinational companies the responsibility to protect human rights, environmental protection responsibilities of transnational corporations and multinational companies anti-corruption responsibility, were analyzed and discussed.The third and fourth part is the part of the core content of the article, of which the third part of the overall analysis of the social responsibility of transnational corporations on the basis of legal regulation, focusing on the current international legal regulation of multinational companies are analyzed, apart from the multinational international legal regulation of social responsibility point of view of the overall structure of discourse, but also focus on the ISO26000 analyzed. The fourth part is the social responsibility of multinational corporations of the future prospects for international regulatory system for assessment, for the international "hard law" in the regulation of social responsibility in multinational companies can play a role in the future give a positive answer, and then focus on demonstration of the international " soft law "in the regulation of transnational social responsibility with regard to the development.Finally, the end of the article, given this conclusion: the way through the legal regulation of social responsibility of multinational companies, whether domestic law of host countries, multinational home country's domestic law, as well as multinational corporations have a self-discipline mechanism very restrictive, and its comparison to the social responsibility of multinational companies choose to implement the international law system from the point of starting, either from theory or from a practical point of view is now more appropriate and reasonable. Therefore, both now and in future we must continue efforts to promote relevant international treaties and other "international hard law" continues to evolve, and we want to regulate the social responsibility of multinational companies "international soft law" to seek breakthroughs in the field, to explore new solutions that can effectively problem.
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