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The Study Of Government Cope With The Problems Of Urban Relocation Conflict

Posted on:2012-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368981316Subject:Administrative Management
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The advancement and development of urbanization in a nation, definitely will encounter with all kinds of difficulties and challenges, following with the rapid development of urban construction, the relocation transformation has been the common phenomenon in urban society. Because of the strong administrative compulsion color in the urban relocation work, the legal interests of relocated ones lack of protection, which initiates the conflicts increasingly fierce, becomes a hidden danger to affect the society's harmonious and stable. Moreover, the modern social conflicts also have some characteristics, such about big influence area, serious harm, but the government failed to cope with this kind of problems, and made illegal administrative act repeatedly, which enabled the government credibility injured seriously, and also promoted the difficulty for the government to hold and control management. Therefore, the ability for government to solve the social conflicts has became a important target to weigh local governing capability, how to clear the government responsibility in the urban development full of relocation, perfect the administrative mechanism and propose measures to resolve the problems of urban relocation conflict have became the important topics.This article takes the analysis to the problems of urban relocation conflict as a breakthrough point, attempts to unify the"harmonious"administrative idea which the government esteems, to search the measures for the government to cope with these similar social conflicts. First, gives theory annotation about related concepts and the essence of urban relocation, and induces the present situation about the domestic and foreign theories research; then excavates the reasons caused by government responsibility through the analysis about the phenomenon of urban relocation conflict events; finally, inquires effective plans to cope with urban relocation conflict and realizes the harmonious relocation from five management dimensions: the finance and taxation reform, the subjects restraint, legal compulsion, guidance supervision, inside and outside monitor.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban relocation conflict, Land finance, Harmonious relocation, Solutions
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