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The Contemporary Horizon Of Marxist Rural-Urban Integration Theory

Posted on:2013-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368994674Subject:Marxism in China
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Marxist theory of urban-rural integration covers the evolution, development and the ultimate aim of the urban-rural relationship in the human being's development process. The classic Marxist writers think that rural-urban integration is the natural result of the productivity growth and the inevitable phenomenon in human history, which is also what we need to face in the development of socialist society Since the founding of People's Republic of China, we have dealt with series of theoretical exploration and conducted practical activities in the urban-rural development. From"industry re-feeding agriculture"to present development of urban-rural integration strategy, our country inherits and develops Marxist Theory of Urban-Rural Integration theoretically and practically. At present, our social productivity has reached to a relatively high level, but the gap between urban and rural areas is enlarged, which has caused unharmonious problems and imbalance of social economy progress. Therefore, with the constructions of the urban-rural integration strategy of Linhai as a case, this paper, based on the Marx's urban-rural integration theory, focus on how to promote the realization of the urban-rural integration development.This paper includes three parts: introduction, the main body, and conclusion.The introduction explains the reasons and significance for choosing this topic, review of the domestic and international research, the train of thought, main methods taken for demonstration, and possible innovation and imperfections. This paper is based on two points: one is the reality of our country's current enlarging gap between urban and rural areas; the other is the progress of Marxist Theory of Urban-Rural Integration sinicization. The research of urban-rural integration at home is very popular but it lacks systematic theory construction stage. So, there is room for more exploration.The main body, the key part of the paper, begins from chapter two. chapter two consists of three aspects: one is the background of Marxist Theory of Urban- Rural Integration on theory and practice; the second is the basic connotation of Marxist Theory of Urban-Rural Integration with logical analysis ,which covers the ideas of classic Marxist writers about the booming of urban-rural separation and the definition of urban and rural class which is based on the historical materialism of Marx and Engels principle; the third is the significant analysis of Marxist Theory of Urban-Rural Integration, and evaluation of its guiding role in the urban-rural integration construction.Chapter three expounded the sinicization of the Marxist theory of urban-rural integration thought and the relationship with urban-rural integration of China. First, this chapter makes clear the thoughts guiding the urban-rural construction and the industrial-agricultural development since the founding of new China. Each session of leaderships of China inherits and develops Marxist theory of urban-rural integration thought, and forms some new fruits of the Marxist theory of urban-rural integration thought and the relationship with urban-rural integration in modernization drive. Second, the paper summarizes three trends about urban-rural relationship construction under the guidance of Marxist sinicization of urban and rural fusion basic theory. There are three trends: urbanization,Suburban Urbanization,new ruralization. Finally, this paper takes the practice of Linhai city as a case study on the urban-rural integration in China to show the three main trends.Chapter four analyses several shortages showed in the progress of urban-rural integration of Linhai city, basically based on the exposition of Linhai city practices. Based on the concrete practice of Linhai city, this paper summarizes four pieces of points about how to promote the development of urban-rural integration. They are specialized as follows: first, the effective carrier of Market introduction urban-rural integration. In the construction of urban and rural integration, the market mechanism can effectively integrate the resources of the urban and rural areas; it can link urban and rural market, promotes the development of the agricultural industry and narrow the income gap between urban and rural areas. Second, government guidance is the necessary means of urban and rural integration construction. In the present stage of urban-rural integration construction, the government leading can correct the system deviation in dualistic structure society, give urban and rural equality opportunity and maintain social stability. Third, Institution arrangement is the key guarantee to construct urban-rural integration. Fourth, People's participation is the reality power of urban-rural integration construction. In our country, farmers as main body of the development of rural economy, conceal infinite creativity.
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