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China's Real Estate Management Innovation Of Administrative Examination And Approval

Posted on:2012-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Administrative approval is the primary means of government administration in the state of theoretical research and management practices in an important position. In this paper, the real estate industry for the study of the existing system of administrative examination and approval for the study of theory and practice and research.To promote administrative reform and innovation are an important part of public administration, real estate is the most important reform of administrative examination and approval system. August 2003 the NPC Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress passed the draft Administrative Licensing Law. Administrative Licensing Law was designed to constrain government power to regulate the right to run, so that the principles of administrative examination and approval system reform and the direction to be clear.National People's Congress passed the Administrative Licensing Law for the implementation of the draft, all localities and departments to follow the principles of the Administrative Licensing Law, establish a convenient, efficient and innovative real estate administration systems.China has established more than 2,100 comprehensive administrative service center, to take "a window", "one-stop office" approach, and the majority of the staff really make people get the convenience. Meanwhile, with advances in technology, the administration vigorously implementing e-government service centers, the implementation of the paperless office, most of the government set up a government website, and set up an online network to implement the approved work window, such as public security, planning, construction, etc. Some departments set up a special network system to provide "one-stop" type of portable services. At the same time, more attention to the use of indirect management, real-time monitoring, etc., so that administrative contracts, administrative guidance in the administration to play an active role.Paper first outlines the administrative examination and approval of real estate project management theory and related approval procedures, followed by approval of the administrative management of the typical regional analysis of the status. On this basis, that the current system of administrative examination and approval of China's real estate drawbacks, and its problems in-depth analysis. Then by drawing on some of Changsha City real estate projects in the hope that the administrative examination and approval management of innovation and the bright spot for the reform of administrative examination and approval of real estate innovation and development of the corresponding countermeasures.
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