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The Practice And Perfection Of Commutation System In China

Posted on:2012-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Commutation, a regular judicial activity in execution, is always key work of Chinese prisons and other penal agencies. It plays an important part in criminal rehabilitation, such as emotion promotion, well orders, high efficiency and social stability.Chapter I summarizes commutation system, defines what commutation is, describes its nature and jurisdiction.It's also defines criminals are responsible for submission, the court makes final decision, and the procurator will supervise all these activities. In this chapter, you also can find what commutation means for criminals and the society.It's the basis of the following opinions.Chapter II makes a detailed elaboration of our current commutation system, practices, applicable conditions and problems. According to the article, in current judicial activities, there are problems both found in entity and procedure levels, for example, too general legislative principles, vague standards, single basis, nonstandard commutation ratio, ill procedures, insufficient protection on criminal rights, lack of transparency in case hear, inefficient supervision.In Chapter III, it throws out suggestions from entity and procedure levels on problems that mentioned in chapter I, II. In entity level, we should make laws on judicial execution, improve evaluation system, adjust applicable conditions, and abolish ratios on commutation. To improve procedure, we should let all parties in, reform lawsuit, establish commutation revocation system, probation period, and improve supervise mechanism.
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