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An Empirical Study On The Entrepreneurial Intention For Cainozoic Era Peasant Laborer

Posted on:2012-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371953665Subject:Business management
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As a special group, Cainozoic Era peasant laborer who were born in and after 1980's have a huge number which constitutes the main part of rural migrant workers. And the different growth environment between the first generation and the new generation of migrant workers created many new features of the latter, such as higher education degree, better welfare, higher quality of life but lower ability to bear hardships. Based on these new features. when faced with the similar living environment with the first generation of migrant workers. the new generation will have psychological gap obviously and make many different coping behaviors. So it is important to guide the new generation obtain employment orderly, reasonably and fully. A more efficient way is to encourage migrant workers to start their own businesses in realizing their own employment at the same time expanding employment. The entrepreneur intention will be the starting point of the whole business, so it is helpful to analyze the influence factors of entrepreneur intention of the new generation in solving their unemployment problem.This study combines qualitative analyses and quantitative analyses, such as grounded theory, related analysis and stepwise regression analysis to do a new research on the influence factors of the new generation's entrepreneur intention. This research is divided into two stages, the first stage is from the qualitative aspect to collect the information from 15 a respondents in Dalian and Linyi through interviews with grounded theory. After open coding, axial coding, Selective coding and not saturated theory analyzing, the author got the elementary model of the influence factors of entrepreneur intention of the new generation (influence factors including background factors, individual factors and environmental factors):Then the author use the model above to establish the questionnaire items of the influence factors of entrepreneur intention of the new generation. After modifying and testing, the questionnaire of the influence factors of entrepreneur intention of the new generation was formed. Then 150 migrant workers in Dalian and Linyi area participated the test through the questionnaire. According to relevant analysis and stepwise regression analysis. fixed the insufficient of the qualitative research, finally I established the model of influence factors of the new generation's entrepreneur intention which includes background factors (gender, education degree), individual factors (risk tendency, self-efficacy, resource level) and environmental factors (entrepreneurial atmosphere. entrepreneurship policy) three aspects.In a word, this thesis discusses the influence factors of Cainozoic Era peasant laborers' entrepreneur intention with the combination of qualitative analyses and quantitative analyses. In the research content, the thesis applies grounded theory to make qualitative research on interview materials, identifies the specific impact factors of the new generation's entrepreneur intention. And the quantitative analysis modifies the initial theory model gained from qualitative study. Qualitative research shows the impact of personality traits, environment and population characteristics on entrepreneur intention, especially the obvious influence of entrepreneurial atmosphere embodies the new generation migrant workers' low quality, easy to blindly follow. The verification of the quantitative research results show that the achievement motive for the new generation of peasant workers' venture will not influence significantly, and Cainozoic Era peasant laborers' entrepreneurship is forced by the life force. Meanwhile, the influence of whether their parents establish a business on the young generation is not significant, that is because the business of their parents are more small-business, rushing about, getting little appealing to them.
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