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Wuhua Administrative Service Center Building

Posted on:2012-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371964929Subject:Public Management
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The government affairs service center of this management mode of England of the earliest traceable" one-stop" services, before and after 2000, many our country places appeared by the government to carry out the service administration and the formation of the" Hall permit"," examination center"the government affairs service center " to" service center" wait for enterprises and the masses government agencies. At present, the country nearly 4000 government affairs hall, the local governments at or above the county has established more than 3300 government affairs service center or public hall. These local government service agencies to create, as each big city first appears as" supermarket", the general public and enterprise all without exception are the government carries out the service administration brings great convenient"". However, government affairs service centre as a new thing, in the regional economic and social development, promote the reform of administrative system and management innovation, accelerate the traditional administrative system to the public administration system reform in transition, have not formed an independent theoretical system and top-down legal organization, the Government Affairs Service Center for the future development of the model no forming a conclusion. At present, the government affairs service center construction is faced with from the theory to the practice of various problems, is building a service-oriented government in China in the process of an important topic. In view of this, research our country government affairs service center construction related problems in development has very important theory significance and the practical significance.Kunming city Wuhua district administrative service center has been set up since 2001, has gone through the course of ten years. Wuhua District of Kunming city as a core city, many reforms in the province take the entire column, in the reform of government functions, function change also has some new path, new mode. Wuhua district administrative service center functions, each job in government service system is a typical. Grasp the development, analysis of its existing problems, propose solutions, for the construction of a service-oriented government to provide enlightenment and experience. This paper mainly divided into five parts. The first chapter is the introduction, explores the origin, research contents and thinking, the related literature at home and abroad, the research goal and the significance, theory foundation of the research are reviewedThe second chapter from the job practice sets out, analysed Wuhua district administrative service center development and preliminary achievements. On the connotation of government affairs service center, development situation, operation situation and effect are expounded, in the third chapter, the author works of the Wuhua district administrative service center as a case, the chief service center moves in the problem of existence and reason to make empirical analysis. Focus on the analysis of the problems in the development of work in practice, exposed the real problem, mainly displays in:the legal system is not perfect, function is not clear, block management phenomenon, service main single, citizen participation is not high, and then analyzes the restriction of government affairs service center of some factors such as, the management system obstacles, control concept still exist, external supervision, informatization rate is not high.The fourth chapter to improve administrative efficiency, combined with the development trend of government agencies, to the Wuhua area in the future ideal model and stage of development to undertake initial exploration. The fifth chapter elaborated at the current stage of development in Wuhua district administrative service center of development countermeasure and measure. First of all, make clear function fixed position, advance the legal construction; secondly, to change the traditional ideas, constantly updating the concept; third, promote the innovation of mechanism, the improvement of administrative efficiency; fourth, change the external administrative environment, form the polycentric governance; fifth, enhance the standard of electronic government affairs, strengthen the construction of information platform.
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