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Marketing Under The Guidance Of The Concept Of Township Politics And Village Governance Construction Research

Posted on:2013-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330371999063Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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Rural governance in China's rural areas the mode of organization and management on the whole, to adapt to the current rural social and economic development, but there are still many needs to improve and reform. Township politics and village governance construction of the realistic difficulties and problems, one is derived from the traditional government service and the way of social management inertia effect; the two is derived from countryside politics and village governance and rural economic and social development requirements are not very consistent and uniform, and the whole social management and the development trend of the service are not fully synchronized; three source in the rural grassroots government and rural autonomous organization of the relationship between the two can not very coordinated and straighten out; the four is derived from the autonomous organization of villagers and farmers between autologous contradictions and problems can not handle; five is derived from the farmer's consciousness, value and concept can not cultivate and guide. The existence of these problems seriously restricting the rural politics and the construction of the rural economy and social health development. Market economy theory is embodied in the development of the market economy the most advanced sense of service and management, market economy from the theory perspective to study China's current rural politics construction, not only from the rural social and economic development the practice problems, but also from the market economic management and service theoretical perspective on grasping the township politics and village governance development rule and essence so as to solve the problems. At the same time, but also for the social development of democratic politics, the construction of service oriented government, social services and management reform and social progress in other fields to provide the most realistic, the most valuable theoretical guidance.First, from the market economy and countryside politics and village governance theory connotation, affirmed the theory of market economy as a market economy under the background of the most advanced sense of service and the most active management on the construction of modern democratic politics and social services management and township politics and village governance construction scientific guidance, and then briefly pointed out and analyzed the present township politics and village governance development present situation and the existence question, think rural governance in rural modernization construction is the key link of the process of democratic politics, is to solve current3farming problem focus and bottleneck. Then elaborated the theory of market economy under the background of politics and village governance construction needs to pay attention to four aspects:1, the idea to construct a modern service consciousness of local government organization;2, setting construction adapted to rural development and management needs of the effectiveness of autonomous organization;3in the system construction and realization of countryside politics and village governance operation procedure and efficiency;4, in the process of practice and strengthen the different regions of basic level government and village autonomy organization between the exchanges and cooperation, and actively study and the introduction of other regions of the advanced experience. The last hope of the government and the cadres and the masses and social all-round, multi-level, the wide area coordinated efforts, the true meaning to enhance the township government service management capability, enhance the village autonomy and management ability, and optimize the rural areas of the effectiveness of government services and social management environment. The final realization of rural economic development, social harmony, scientific, democratic autonomy benign development road.
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