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The Ethical Thought Of Balancing Urban And Rural Development In Chongqing Reform Of The Household Registration System

Posted on:2013-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A fundamental social system of household registration system is for harmonious,stable, healthy and orderly development of social services, but traditional householdregistration system divided the equality of person into different levels, cause createinsurmountable divide between urban and rural areas, and people in urban and ruralareas cannot cross, and it impedes social-economic development, is not conducive tosocial stability and harmony.Chongqing household registration reform lets eligible farmers transfer cities,respect the wishes of farmers, adapt the needs of social and economic development,contribute to equality before the domicile, to the transformation of economic growthmode is conducive to narrowing the gap between urban and rural, bridging theurban-rural divide and realization of urban and rural areas. The system of householdregistration reform in Chongqing is also guaranteed immature and the managementcouldn't keep up,and the transfer systems are not perfect, and they do not meet theexclusion, urban residents and other defects.This article main talks about Chongqing residence system reform by ethics ofperspective, using literature research method, and theory with practice research method,and more subject cross research method, analysis has Chongqing residence systemreform of ethics meaning, on Chongqing residence system reform exists problem for hasethics review, and using ethics related knowledge, adhere to people, and fair justice, andmanpower urban and rural development, and harmonious symbiosis, ethics principles,made strengthening residence system reform process in the of system design ethicsconstruction and system run ethics construction, According to the institutional design ofthe ethical requirements, and put forward specific countermeasures of perfecting thesystem. Strengthened system of ethical standards, ethics requirements and made arunning system process: human management.This article tries to use the knowledge of a combination of ethics-related and the reform of household register system, try to improve the system of household registration,enhanced systems perform, promote the integration of urban and rural people, and solveproblems in the process of reform of the household registration system, promote thesmooth progress of the reform of the household registration system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chongqing household registration reform, Balancing Urban and Rural, institutional ethics
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