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Research On Our Service-oriented Government In The Construction Of Government Governance

Posted on:2012-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the construction of service-oriented government has become the common language of Chinese society. Premier WenJiabao at the Central Party School from the provincial and ministerial level leading cadres "establish and implement the scientific concept of development" speech made from the national perspective of building a service-oriented government since the government at all levels have taken various measures to strengthen the construction of service-oriented government, function significantly improved government services, government image in the minds of the masses has also been greatly improved. Theorists also conduct a rational conclusion that our government is to achieve four changes, such as by "unlimited government" to "limited government", shift from "government of men" to "government by law,"the change from "control-type Government " to" service-oriented government,"the changes. Overall, the direction of achieving these changes right, way out, but the specific time course, there are some overkill phenomenon should arouse people's attention, such as China from a "control-oriented government "to "service-oriented government," the process is not as long as "service" do not "governance."Service and regulation are the basic functions of government policy, governance is the basis of service, service is the purpose of governance. Fundamentally, governance is provided for the public "order service." At present, all the disharmony in society still exists, such as economic issues, environmental issues, the proliferation of fake and shoddy goods, serious accidents and major food, drug poisoning have occurred, natural resources and ecological environment is deteriorating, etc. These are related to government control have a direct relationship. Therefore, we build a service-oriented government in the process, can not afford to emphasize governance of services, especially in this social transformation, there are a lot of various uncertain factors, we pay particular attention to service-oriented government in control issues.This article will study at home and abroad on the basis of some scholars to absorb the service-oriented government and government regulating of the outstanding achievements of the service oriented government and government governance combine and tried to service the governance of government to study. This article is divided into four parts:The first part is to service government and government governance of the background, theory, correctly analyze the relationship between service and governance, proposed a "service-oriented management in government is a service apartment" and government control is the inherent properties of service-oriented government and internal requirements for government control of the back and laid a theoretical foundation. The second part describes the foreign government governance of China government control in China. To the developed capitalist countries the United States, Britain and Japan, for example, analyzes the development trend of foreign government governance, reform measures and governance of our government in China. Relevant outcomes of the research from home and abroad service government governance in the context of great significance.The third part is the view of the problems arising from government governance and to analyze the reasons. Of the problems in government governance are:the absence of the government, serious dislocation; serious social problems; internal failures of government governance and the high cost of government governance and so on. Analysis of specific issues in accordance with the principles and find the specific cause of the problem, its solution was targeted, the problem can be solved.The fourth part is the construction of service-oriented government to strengthen the legitimacy of government governance and how to strengthen government governance put forward their own thinking.
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