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Study On The Evaluation And Influencing Factors Of Graduates' First Employment Quality

Posted on:2012-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the imbalance of supply and demand and structured contradiction, the employment problem of graduates is becoming more and more serious. The employment rate of college graduates has become the social focus. However, employment is a process, not just a conception of a certain time. The employment rate can simply reflects the periodic achievement on quantity of the employment work in colleges, instead of the evaluation on quality of the employment, which is an important symbol of reflecting the quality of talents training in universities. So it is of great importance to give a research on the quality evaluation and influencing factors of graduates' first employment.In this study, the first employment refers to the first job selected by college students during the period from the end of their study life to the starting of their social life. The present study evaluates the employment quality of graduates from six aspects which include work environment, work unit, job position, development space, salary and welfare and employment satisfaction. On the basis of literature review, the author collects data through interviews with twenty experts and researches on the employment of 625 graduates of 2010 graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University. The paper uses Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Comprehensive Fuzzy Evaluation to evaluate the first employment of college graduates and applies Oneway ANOVA and multiple regression analysis to discuss the influencing factors of graduates' first employment, and then gives some strategies and suggestions from the aspects of the college graduates, universities and corporations according to the results of this study.The main results of this empirical study are:1) The first employment quality of graduates is above the average.2) Among the six aspects (work environment, work unit, job position, development space, salary and welfare, employment satisfaction) which measure the quality of graduates' employment, whether the quality of employment is good or not mainly depends on the graduates' employment satisfaction, salary and welfare they enjoyed and the development space provided by the corporations.3) Some personal features like sex, only child or not, household register and political status have little influence on the employment quality. Nevertheless, such factors as whether the graduates keep contact and communication with former graduates, ranking of the academic records and English skills, the time they participate in student work, whether they get prizes in artistic or academic competitions, whether they have clear job objectives and some internship experience of employment and whether they have career planning are affecting the employment quality. In addition, other factors have no remarkable influence on employment quality. According to the research conclusions, the study suggests that the students should keep on improving their technical skill and take part in practical activities enthusiastically to accumulate social resource and promote comprehensive quality so as to adapt to the requirement of social development. Besides, they should perfect self-awareness constantly and set up a reasonable goal for their career development and then make a rational decision for their career. The universities should make career planning for students throughout the whole process of university education, guided by market demand to promote education reform and cultivate the key abilities and qualities of the students to produce high-quality talents who come up to the needs of social development. As for the industries, they should improve the satisfaction of the stuff by providing good career management for them, establishing a scientific C&B(compensation and benefit) and performance evaluation system, building a more harmonious corporate culture and so on.
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