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Cognitive Behavioral Theoty Perspective Research Students Truancy

Posted on:2012-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368490895Subject:Ideological and political education
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As the college entrance examination system reform, National University has also experienced several large-scale "increasing enrollment", it also brings in the teaching and management problems, such as weak teachers, management lag phenomena. In particular, how to avoid college students skipping classes, becoming an important aspect of teaching management. At present, the number of college students skipping classes, skipping classes greatly exceeded the amount of class enrollment levels, skip class or even has now become part of the openness and normalization behavior of college students, with a certain degree of universality.Dominant skipping classes and skip class acts into invisible skip class, because students skip class has a certain degree of persistence and transitivity, has gradually developed into a group behavior. This article first by domestic and foreign research status quo of carding, using questionnaires, interviews and other research methods to investigate the students in our school, and through the analysis of survey results, will cause attributed to environmental factors of college students skipping classes and student cognitive factors. Secondly, the introduction of cognitive-behavioral theory, learning and cognitive behavior theory of content areas. Cognitive behavior theory is a set of thinking or by changing the beliefs and behavior of the method to change the negative cognition, it is a theory of cognitive and behavioral theories of integration, is to the cognitive and behavioral theories are flawed a criticism and development, but it is not a simple additive and piece together. A person's cognitive decided his emotion is anger or anxiety, his action was an attack or escape. Long-term stress, individuals prone to extreme and absolute judgment, one-way, produces the error cognition, then negative emotions and behaviors. Then, using cognitive behavioral theory students skipping classes, this escalation students skipping classes to the theoretical level, so as to identify the root causes of college students skipping classes. This article reached the conclusion that, factors affecting College students skip class is the root cause of the external environment and students ' internal cognitive factors. External environmental factors is the management of the school, courses teaching, the negative effect of market economy, negative effects of network environment; internal cognitive adverse factors mainly the multitude-followed mentality and negative cognition. It was exactly due to the external environmental factors and promote the students the wrong, led to the emergence of escaping behavior, and skip class, which in turn affect the cognitive processes of students, providing evidence to the original concept of cognitive, make it stronger and subtle, and escaping issues more and more serious. Finally, the use of cognitive-behavioral treatment methods in the theory of this article to correct escaping behavior of University students. Specific methods are: cognitive--1, the Elimination of skipping classes students wrong. By correcting the negative cognition of their skip class, correctly understanding the relationship between cognitive and emotional behavior, and thus contribute to their active participation, make students aware that they can address this escaping issue, so as to gradually establish a new, positive perception. 2– skip class, behavior intervention students ' bad behavior modification. Through observation of daily behavior for outstanding students, allow to skip class to learn a standard code of conduct, and gradually adapt to this code of conduct is subject to the rules, to change or eliminate bad escaping behavior. 3, optimize the environment--improvement of skip class student behavior. By optimizing the external environmental factors, which students get practical and useful and rational views and ideas, and make these ideas and concepts become an integral part of their own thinking, so as to effectively improve the appearance of escaping behavior.
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