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County Secondary Vocational Schools "Two-qualification" Construction Research

Posted on:2012-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368493266Subject:Principles of Education
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The current education structure in China in the transformation period, the traditional education system of ordinary and simplification multivariate ordinary education faces modernization with vocational education combined system transformation. In this situation, professional education development is facing many challenges and opportunities. Especially county secondary vocational education shoulders cultivating talents of economic and social development of the mission and responsibilities. Therefore, county secondary vocational education become rural education reform and development, and the key "two-qualification" is the focus of the construction of the key.County secondary vocational education the particularity of the teacher team construction must take the teacher "technology application" develop. To build a enough, good quality, reasonable structure, relative high quality talents with, they need to build up a large number of qualified teachers, according to the current education development county secondary vocational the situation, the relative stable "two-qualification" county secondary vocational education is the current development of the moment.In this paper on the present secondary vocational schools "double teachers" shall be interpreted. Somebody thinks that hold the teaching certificate and professional qualification teacher is "two-qualification". This kind of wrong ideas that certificate and ability levels are equivalent, is mutual can replace; Others think that "two-qualification" is the teachers hold technology teacher +, this is the simple sum of two teachers, also can simple thinks, "double teachers" is that it has the ability of teachers' teaching technology. Are people still "double teachers" new interpretation: theory or of literacy class teacher skill training teachers; Accord with national requests the teacher should achieve standards; With comprehensive professional quality, professional coaching skills, have diploma, technology (skill) DengJiZheng, continue to education certificate and teacher certificate. At present secondary vocational schools "two-qualification" teachers team construction the problems in the process of induction has the following: "two-qualification" teachers know does not reach the designated position, lack of ideological dynamic. The school management is not science, lack of effective mechanism. The school environment don't loose, restricts the constraining county secondary vocational school teachers team construction and development. In view of the above problems for county secondary vocational schools, and puts forward some Suggestions of county secondary vocational education: define "double teachers" basic thoughts; Enhance county secondary vocational education "two-qualification" construction practice ability; Improving county secondary vocational education "double teachers" development guarantee system etc explored and research, through this to establish county secondary vocational school teachers team construction and development of new "two-qualification", so as to promote the healthy development of vocational schools.
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