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Student Assessment Quality Colleges And Universities Education Grade Of Service Real Diagnosis Research

Posted on:2012-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368499204Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Since the 1980 s, with the globalization of world economy effect, So-called talent's "processing factory"---the higher vocational education in our country has dominated the "heavily-accented screams." However, with increasing of the scale, The quality of vocational education is decresing increasely. More and more people begin to concern and hot debate this. In this situation, How assess effective the education quality problem and develop smoothly evaluation is particularly important. But at present our country higher vocational education scheme evaluation standards formulated by the ministry of education and academic circles, Most of the era of industrial economy based on education input and output of the "product quality, " Besides, the standards formulated are so simple that they can not apply to varieties and levels of higher vocational education. What's more, the worst of this system is the absence of the students. Higher vocational education is an important part of higher education. Its basic education service that is one of the output view has been academia by academic circles, Students are directly involved in higher vocational education service, direct consumers, buyers, beneficiaries. In addition, with the increase of population base and college expansion, the university admissions and survival is becoming increasingly fiercely.As higher vocational education, to improve higher vocational education service quality, let the students join the evaluation of the quality of higher vocational education.To further research on the importance of students in higher vocational education service quality evaluation. Firstly, In This paper, the researcher analysises the students in higher vocational education evaluating the importance of service quality in depth, secondly based on the comparative analysis of the theory of customer satisfaction, Service quality theory and Stakeholder theory, and combineing theoretical reasoning that scholars and Making the Higher vocational education's service quality Assessment lastly, the rearcher extracts Random hunan three vocational colleges students as the samples, before By Questionnaire Survey, On the analysis of the questionnaire the verification, and asking for experts and school related people the opinions of scale with authorization, And through the descriptive statistics and the reliability and validity of the inspection, Compiled the employment as the guidance, service as the decree, according to students as the main body of the higher vocational education's quesetionaire. Higher vocational service quality service will be divided into serves for the teaching, learning and life service, entrance and employment, information and assistance, five aspects of their own development. The rearcher makes a list of grap hand to analyzes the satisfaction of students to found that, in the selection of hunan province three of vocational colleges, students to schools provide teaching service, learning and life service, how to and the service quality of the employment of satisfaction is not high. Another different professional, the different grade, the different gender of the students of the quality of service satisfaction is also different and professional education and medical students satisfaction lowBased on the results of the study in this paper, to improve the students' satisfaction. Improve education service quality is urgently needed. Higher vocational colleges should be based on the students, to do the service of the school work, improve the service quality of the school. Also recommended that legislation will students into higher vocational service quality evaluation system, make the reasonable evaluation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education Service Quality, Students' evaluation, Student Satisfaction, Higher vocational Education
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