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The Research On The Unobstrucyed Financing Channels Of The Secondary Vocational Schools In Guangxi

Posted on:2012-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330371458117Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The inadequate funding,which plays a decisive role and is directly related to the level of school improvement and in the quality of teaching, is a reality topic for the reform and development of vocational education. At present,Secondary vocational education in Guangxi facing many problems in the context of the existing development,such as poor admissions, quality of the training can not meet market demand and the lack of quality teacher education resources etc. In the case of the shortage of educational resources, School enrollment are constantly. The conflict between the school enrollment size and development needs together with the specificity of vocational school, Secondary vocational schools need a lot of school funds. However, due to the incomplete grade school management system,The factors such as the community awareness and capacity of the lower financing., single financing way, long-term asymmetric information, lack of related Policies and regulations has play a profound impact on the passion and enthusiasm of the public investment in vocational schools. So the difficulties highlights in the financing of vocational schools, Financing as a constraint to the bottleneck in the development of vocational schools. Thus in order to smooth the financing channels,Deep-level mining vocational schools in the key financing channels,It is very necessary to discuss the financing channels of the secondary vocational schools.This paper basing on the theory of public goods, cost-sharing Principles and human capital theory.Firstly, Through the analysis of reality of the countries and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's policy's guidance, the conflict of the enrollment in vocational schools and social development needs, the good financing environment and space.the paper proves the feasibility and necessity of the pluralism of financing channels of secondary vocational education in Guangxi. Secondly, Combined with statistical data and the Investigation of Nanning's nine vocational schools. Analysising the current situation and the characteristics of financing channels of secondary vocational schools in Guangxi. Thirdly, Analysising the existing problems as well as the blocked reasons of Financing channels of vocational schools's financing in Guangxi. Describes the impact and the organic link between vocational schools, businesses, banks, government and other financing mechanisms.Construction of the flow in the micro-level basis for financing schools, Including financing awareness, financing capacity, financing and financing environment. At last, Proposing some policy recommendations in the process of making smooth financing vocational schools in Guangxi. promoting the sustained and healthy development of secondary vocational schools in Guangxi.
Keywords/Search Tags:secondary vocational schools of Guangxi, financing Channels, unobstructed factor
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