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The Research On Dilemma And Countermeasures Of College Students' Common Ideal Education In New Period

Posted on:2013-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330374463794Subject:Ideological and political education
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In current society, along with the deepening of reforming and opening, the development of economical globalization, and the spread of the modern science and technology such as the Internet and media communication, Chinese local concept and foreign trend of thought blend and sharply collide. The change, diversity and difference of people's thinking activities obviously enhance, and that eliminates the unified guiding ideology. What's more the college students are the most easy to accept the new culture and new ideas, and in this case, the value recognition of the common ideals of the college students appears the trend of weakness and desalination. How to deal with the challenges of the new era, and how to seek the methods to solve the problems and to build strong common ideal education system of the college students are necessary for university management and education mechanism.The text is divided into four parts.The first part defines related concepts of college students' common ideal education. It mainly researches the connotation and function of common ideal, the common ideal education and college students'common ideal educationThe second part analyzes system and mechanism of the college students'common ideal education, including the content and system operation of college students common ideal education.The third part shows the present situation of college students'common ideal education using the latest data. It also expounds the challenges and problems of college students'common ideal education as well as the analysis of the reasons.The fourth part enhances students' common ideal education from three aspects. Firstly it is improving and perfecting the management system of the leadership and constructing effective organization and guiding principle of the college students' common ideal education. Secondly it is improving and perfecting the process system and constructing effective content, method and implementing ways of college students' common ideal education. The last is improving and perfecting the supervision system and constructing effective internal and external environment of college students'common ideal education.
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