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Contrasting The Competitive Balance Of CBA AndNBA And Uro League

Posted on:2013-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Professional sports league competitive balance is the sports world experts andscholars, players fans to the discussion of the heat, and gradually become the researchfocus in the sports world at home and abroad. About professional sports leaguecompetitive balance research despite more thorough, but now are mostly for a leaguecompetitive balance of research and analysis, comparative lack. Research shows thatthe U.S. men's basketball professional league and Chinese male basketball league clubsand sports strength are unbalanced, but who competition balance are relatively good?What is the cause of the imbalance in league? How they all take those measureseffectively improve the league competition balance? Around the three problems, thispaper from professional special league starts competitive balance by using theliterature material law, through extensive reading of related literature at home andabroad, has been clear about the evaluation of professional sports league competitivebalance method and the measure index, to the man basketball league competitivebalance a comparative study.This paper argues that professional sports league competitive balance is the leagueto survive and the basis for development, competitive balance guarantee every raceresults uncertainty, there will be the fans to buy tickets or through the TV networkwatch the games, there will be more attention to the league. Why watch China manbasketball league fans rarely? Why are China's many fans have to pay attention to theU.S. men's basketball league? It is necessary to to the man basketball leaguecompetitive balance comparative study, this paper firstly analyzes the man basketballleague of the present situation of competitive balance, the conclusion shows the's basketball league than Chinese male basketball competitive balance professionalleague competitive balance to a little better, but are in balance state. And then thespecific analysis of two league checks and balances mechanism, this paper summarizesthe two league the cause of the imbalance, investigate and then through collecting thedata analysis and comparison determines the man basketball league competitivebalance situation, analyzes two league checks and balances mechanism, this paper discusses two premiership competitive imbalance of their respective balance reasons.This study is the innovation of the place, the use of Hector fanta HHI index,concentration, competitive and C5C5rate balance index C5CBI standard deviationand standard deviation ratio comprehensive analysis the man basketball leaguecompetitive balance situation, further analysis of two league checks and balancesmechanism and the cause of the imbalance, puts forward to improve my manbasketball league competitive balance countermeasures.
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