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The Comparative Study Of Balanced Development Composite Index Of Compulsory Education In China

Posted on:2013-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Compulsory Education is an international and universal problem, it is a new educational development concept and educational philosophy that fit the Characteristics of the times, which is also be the hot spots that have been concerned by various countries and educational organizations. The core of the education equalization is Fair and democratization, the researches in the field generally have proved that the balanced development of education is useful to ensure economic growth, reduce the gap and the poor and equal revenue, and also help to promote social equality and equity.There are many theoretical study of the education equalization, but how to measure and evaluate the level of balanced education is relatively small. The study has summarized related theories and methods of the index, with the guidance of education, regional economics, industrial economics, multivariate statistical theory, choose three types of statistical indicators to do the empirical analysis of compulsory education, the purpose is to choose the best methods of the equilibrium level of compulsory education in china. In the study, by the different level of economic development of extract Hunan Province, Liaoning Province, Sichuan Province, each province taken in each of12schools, using the Theil coefficient method, the Gini index, factor analysis of three provinces, compared the methods and found Shuangqing county educational inter-regional difference much small than Luxi County and the Liling City; balanced development of compulsory education in Fuxin City is relatively high in recent years, but there is much more improvement, the level of compulsory education in Anshan city and liaozhong county is relatively high but there is an increasing trend of inner different of liaozhong county. Shuangliu County of Sichuan Province, and Lezhi the balanced development of compulsory education level has increased year by year, Deyang City the balanced equilibrium level of development is relatively high.From the compare of Gini index and Theil index can summarize that Gini index could reflect the overall difference of a province or a county, but unable to reflect the difference between the school to another school. The theil index contrast the difference between the groups which is the advantage of the theil index. The factor analysis method is more suitable to reflect the school between the balanced development of compulsory education level. In short, the Gini index is the best way to reflect the balanced development of compulsory education, the Theil index is better to measure the equilibrium level of county or inter-school compulsory education, factor analysis applies to the equilibrium level of inter-provincial or inter-school compulsory education ranking.
Keywords/Search Tags:The balance index of compulsory education, Ginicoefficient, Theil coefficient, factor analysis
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