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Research On Laser Resonator Eigenstates By The Spatially Generalized Jones Matrix

Posted on:2012-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Laser cavity mode of the light field, for people to design the laser resonator, the laser output power to improve and enhance the quality of the output beam has an important significance. Calculated resonant cavity light field eigenstates are generally numerical calculation of Fresnel and Jones matrix method.A theoretical model is developed to predict the longitudinal and transversal distributions of polarization andintensity and the eigen frequencies of the laser eigenstates in the case where the transversal degeneracy of the eigenstates is broken up by a birefringent element inducing a polarization walk-off. This formalism, whichgeneralizes the Jones matrix formalism, is necessary for interpreting the existence of ordinary and extraordi-nary eigenstates that have different paths in the cavity. Moreover, it leads to the prediction of so-called forked eigenstates, in which a single laser eigenstate itself is split into two spatially separated orthogonally polarized branches in one part of the cavity containing an extra normal birefringent plate. This formalism also allowed us to design and realize a two-frequency laser in which two eigenstates can oscillate simultaneously at easily adjustable frequencies. Experimental evidence of these phenomena was gathered and showed excellent agree-ment with the theoretical predictions.Generalized Jones matrix method to calculate the horizontal and vertical laser cavity laser polarization distribution and the strength of the intrinsic state, frequency, and also studied the cavity birefringent crystal walk-off elements, including the case of polarization, and Multiple walk-off crystals exist. Activated by changing the location of the media under the control of two coupled eigenstates.Finally, the generalized Jones matrix method is the polarization caused by the existence birefringent crystal go green light from the laser cavity eigenstates of the light field was solved by the light field eigenstates and eigen frequency, to explain the laser resonator Cavity of the "green noise"problem, an improved quality green laser output power and feasible method.
Keywords/Search Tags:gengeralized jones matrix, eigenstates, birefringence
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