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Research And Implementation Of Test System For Integrated Temperature Measurement Circuit

Posted on:2013-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330371962830Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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The integrated temperature measurement circuit is a digital and analog hybrid integrated circuits, which is often used in measuring the ambient temperature of the internal electronic components of a special device. With the great advantage of the virtual instrument technology in the field of measurement and control system, has developed a high-precision integrated temperature measurement circuit test system.This paper gives us a brief introduction to the product of the integrated temperature measurement circuit, and it puts forward the performance index and requirements of the integrated temperature measurement circuit, the functionality of the embedded computer, data acquisition cards, and programmable logic devices are introduced and detailed test scheme is design, Constructing this test system is based on those theoretical basis.This paper, according to temperature measurement circuit characteristics and logical features of integrated temperature measuring circuit, with adopting Advantech PCI card hardware test platform and LabVIEW software design platform and combining high-precision platinum resistance temperature sensor, has developed a high-precision temperature measurement system. The measurement accuracy can reach±0.3℃.The paper discussed the test system's hardware unit design and system software design in detail. Hardware unit circuit includes precision temperature reference, clock signal generation, circuit of logic function test, power supply delay realization of the power supply and voltage/ current monitoring; system software design, followed by the four parts which contains instrument self-test, power monitoring, test temperature and the data processing in four parts. The test result is kept in data documentary form.The result of running tests indicates that it is stable with the system performance of the integrated temperature measuring circuit test system, with high measure precision, it is meet the design requirements and the testing requirements of the integrated temperature measurement circuit performance index.
Keywords/Search Tags:Integrated temperature measurement circuit, test system, data acquisition card, virtual instrument technology, PT100 temperature sensor, embedded computer
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