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Foreign Industrial Structure Trend Of Softening And China's Industrial Structure Upgrade Of Softening

Posted on:2012-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330338454977Subject:Industrial Economics
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Since World War II, the world set off a new round of industrial restructure. Along with the rapid development of information and the resulting birth of the knowledge economy, the third industry in the entire industrial structure rapid increase in the proportion, in particular, the rapid development of information industry, the gradual emergence of the industrial structure softening trend, which is the development of the industrial structure is an inevitable trend.Based on such a background, this paper analyzes the Evolution of America, Japan and Britain's industrial structure, and their structure of industry and government technology policy to support a comparative analysis, and draw them to the evolution of industrial structure in common. Indeed each country's natural environment and economic development are different, we can not generalize, but with their own national conditions we can learn from America, Japan and Britain under the premise of industrial restructuring in successful experience, selecting the right leading industry, vigorously develop the information industry, industrial transformation of traditional industries with information, cultivating a mature market economy, and fully exploit the comparative advantage, while enterprises should strengthen the independent innovation ability, and full to attract talent, the gradual formation of a knowledge-oriented or technology-intensive industrial structure and system, leading to faster Softening the realization of China's industrial structure upgrade.Our country efforts to optimize and upgrade industrial structure,, we should also change the concept of development from the ecological point of view of industrial structure and build a harmonious coexistence between man and nature environment, gradually moving towards a harmonious new road to industrialization human environment, in fact, this is the proper meaning of our country industrial structure upgrade of softening.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Structure Softening, the Upgrading of the Industrial Structure, Information, Knowledge Economy
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