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The Analysis Of Power's Supply And Demand Balance In JiangXi Province

Posted on:2012-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Q LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330368995377Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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With fast industrialization and urbanization, JiangXi Province is facing the dual pressure on accelerating the development and accelerating the transformation. Resources and environmental constraints continuing to strengthen, coal,oil and gas resources are mainly dependent on other provinces.How to improve energy utilization and rational allocation of resources, which is the prerequisite to meet the social economic development and growing demand for electricity.This article has a detailed survey of the endowments and the resource use and development of the status. The structure of energy consumption is analyzed in terms of supply and demand in Jiangxi province. We do the qualitative research in the relationship between energy and economic and energy efficiency.Using Elastic coefficient forecast method, time series forecasting, regression analysis and forecasting methods, sub-industry forecasting method, combining Exponential smoothing model, nonlinear regression models, testing methods, parameters and error selection criteria and comparatively analysis, forecasting power shortage in Jiangxi Province in 2010-2020, For the scarce resources of energy in Jiangxi Province,proposed to the measures of improve Jiangxi Electric Power and put forward some suggestions, Striving for a greater range of optimal allocation of energy resources,Jiangxi's economic development for the healthy and stable growth to ensure that plans and strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resources, supply and demand, gap of supply and demand, energy efficiency
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