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The Research On The Relationship Among Cltural Conflict, Cultural Intelligence And Team Performance In Cross-Cultural Teams

Posted on:2012-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the trend of economic globalization becomes more and more popular, for making use of global economic effect to obtain more benefits, multinational company becomes a popular operation way of enterprise. If it wants to develop successfully in the trend of economic globalization, it must hire many work staff with different backgrounds. Then, cross-cultural team emerges under this occasion. Now, team has become an effective work form. Meanwhile, although the cross-cultural team can improve the team performance effectively, managing it is also very tough. These work staff with different cultural backgrounds always understand different cultures and dealt with problems in their own ways. Such behavior can lead to conflict and friction among colleagues and further influence the team performance and corporate performance. Cultural intelligence, as an index for measuring everyone's ability to adapt different cultures, can ease the relationship between the cultural conflict and team performance in order to improve team performance. So, this research has a practical significance for the construction of cross-cultural team.Researches about cross-cultural team in domestic theory circle emerged in 2000, and most of the existing researches all introduced the cross-cultural team from the theory view. This research, on the basis of related research results, takes use of some statistic methods to research the relationship among the cultural conflict, cultural intelligence and team performance. Some results are following:1. After concluding and analyzing some related theories, this research forms the hypothesis mode and puts forward the research hypothesizes.2. Using SPSS17.0 statistic software to do some descriptive statistical analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis about the sample data. Then, it tests the research hypothesis and gets to know the significant correlative relationship between the cultural conflict and team performance. Meanwhile, it proves that cultural intelligence has a mediator effect in the relationship.3. At last, according to the analyzing result, the writer concludes this research, analyzes the defects of this research, puts forward the future research direction of cross-cultural team and some suggestions for the multinational companies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cultural Conflict, Cultural intelligence, Team Performance
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