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Geological-Geochemical Characteristics And Genesis Of Lawu Zinc-copper Poly Metallic Ore Deposit In Tibet

Posted on:2013-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330371982607Subject:Geological Engineering
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Lawu deposit is located in the Dangxiong County, Tibet, within theLonggeer-Nianqingtangula volcanic-magmatic arc district. Based on the systematicfield geological survey, indoor rock and ore appraisal, zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pbdating、40Ar/39Ar dating and Re-Os dating, test of major and trace element, H-O, C,S and Pb isotopes, temperature and salinity of fluid inclusions, we illuminated thegeochemical characteristics and genesis of the ore-deposit.Ore mineralssphalerite,galena,chalcopyrite,pyrrhotite, pyrite and so on, associated with indium andbismuth minerals.The age of muscovite monzonitic granite, metallogenic rock is175Ma.Muscovite monzonitic granite is S-type granite. The distribution pattern of rare earthelements of muscovite monzonitic granite is similar with that of the ores, indicatingthat the Lawu copper-lead-zinc deposit belongs to a sedimentary exhalative Cu-Pb-Zndeposit superimposed by the Yanshanian magmatic hydrothermal activity.A187Re-187Os isochron of309±31Ma for samples of pyrrhotite from the LawuDistrict is obtained in this paper,proving that the Lawu deposit is considered togenerate in the Laigu Period of the Late Carboniferous, and form the Sedex geneticdeposit.The Lawu Cu-Pb-Zn polymetallic ore deposit displays multiphase andmulti-multiple genesis characteristics,which is related with hydrothermal sedexprocess in Laigu period.The mineralization material originated from the LaiguFormation of the Carboniferous System,while the heat energy for re-enrichment of themineralization material was provided by the Yanshannian muscovite monzoniticgranite which had contributed part of the mineralization material.Therefore,weconlude that the Lawu deposit is a Sedex-magmatic hydrothermal reworkedpllymetallic deposit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Geochemistry of Mineral deposit, Source of Ore-forming material, Deposit genesis, Lawu Copper Polymetallic mines, Tibet
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