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Fine Structural Interpretation Of Denglouku Reservoir In Weixing-shengping Area

Posted on:2013-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330374466136Subject:Solid Geophysics
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Oil and gas reservoir is the main research object in petroleum geology, oil and gas fielddevelopment. Reservoir physical characteristics and changing law are important factors incontrol the oil and gas production, reservoir property and development law determines thereservoir scale, study of petroliferous basin reservoir is the foundation of reservoirexploitation. This thesis makes full use of the advanced geophysical techniques, describe andresearch the developed oil gas field construction and reservoir, aiming at the actual situationof the Denglouku reservoir in Weixing-Shengping area, potential seismic data to furtherimplement the each small faults and low amplitude structure distribution in Dengloukureservoir, fine characterize the spatial distribution of reservoirs.This thesis to sequence stratigraphy for guidance, the comprehensive application of thedrilling, well logging data, seismic data, on the basis of fine structural interpretation byearthquake, establish best underground geological objective laws of3D geological models,the final scientific and rational analysis the Weixing-Shengping area of the distribution ofvolcanic structures. Weixing-Shengping area can be divided into three three grade tectonicunits, the Wang Jiatun constructs, Weixing construction and Shengping nose structure,structure of each layer has good inheritance. Division of tectonic zone of fracture and itsassociated faults have synsedimentary characteristics, thereby advancing the deep structurefine interpretation of further development. For three-dimensional seismic Weixing-Shengpingarea, use Jason on the general explain need3D seismic interpretation on the foundation of theproduction of fine synthetic seismogram calibration application layer; implementation of athree-dimensional coherent technology accurate fault distribution; at the same time,correlation by well-to-seismic integration technology promotes structural interpretation ofseismic data, as well as logging data comparison provides a good basis, develop explorationand evaluation of space in Denglouku reservoir, searching for the favorable reservoirdevelopment zone and natural gas distribution area for oil and gas fields, infilling adjustment,guide block preferably, well develop and optimize development plan and provide technicalsupport.This thesis research results in advancing the field of development will play a role, at thesame time research results for small faults and micro-amplitude structures interpretation offurther development and greater value with important.
Keywords/Search Tags:3-D seismic, fine structure interpretation, correlation by well-to-seismicintegration, coherence cube
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