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The Application Of3D Modeling And Numerical Simulation Analyzing In The Deposit Of Application

Posted on:2013-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330374489138Subject:Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
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Diaoquan Ag-Cu deposit is skarn-type deposit, and the main reason is contact metasomatism magmatic hydrothermal.The ore body vast majority located in the complex shape of the rock contact zone. This thesis have researched on Diaoquan Ag-Cu deposit, rocks and wall rocks in Diaoquan Ag-Cu deposit. The research is based on analysis of geologic feature and ore-controlling factors of the deposit, and using Surpac as the modeling tool which is a3-D geological modeling software. This thesis also have discussesed metallogenic process of the deposit basing on the the FLAC3D platform by means of numerical simulationThe main work and achievements of this thesis are as follows:1) Has summarized geological background and deposit features of Diaoquan Ag-Cu deposit.2) By using Surpac for modeling and visualization and showing the spatial relationships between three-dimensional morphological characteristics of the ore body, rock and ore-controlling geological factors,has found that orebody is mainly affected by the tectonic influence of rock "skirt " and low-lying parts of rocks is an effective entry point for prospecting3) Using JAVA language,has Writed a program for changing from Surpac block modeling to hexahedral division grid interface of FLAC3D and achieved the conversion of the complex geological model to the the FLAC3D grid model. And this method was successfully applied to the kinetic modeling of the Diaoquan silver copper deposit4)The coupled mechanical-thermal-hydrological numerical modeling of hydrothermal metalbgenic processes for the Diaoquan Ag-Cu deposit in FLAC3D show that low-lying parts of rocks and outstanding parts of marble are in favor of mineralization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Diaoquan Ag-Cu deposit, 3-D geological modeling, numerical modeling, FLAC3D, Surpac
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