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The Research On Sedimentary Microfacies Of Chang6Oil-bearing Of Yangchang Formation In The Northwest Of Ansai, Ordos Basin

Posted on:2013-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330392459021Subject:Oil and Gas Field Exploration and Development
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Ordos basin in north China craton development is on more than a spinning backcomposite type basin, Ansai oilfield is located in Yishan slope in east-central south, the articlestudy area of ansai oilfieid located mainly in the northwest.The article on the basis of ordos basin in southern and central of field profiles andoutcrops in the core observation and description, and various geological foundation material,many test analysis data were acquired, such as thin section determination, SEM, size analysis,X-ray analysis of clay minerals,physical property analysis, and well logging, testinginformation. With the test and analysis data and logging, try oil production material, finestratigraphic classification and correlation, the types of sedimentary facies recognition andsedimentary microfacies division, the sedimentary microfacies band and sand body exhibitioncloth law is analyzed, reservoir physical properties in research, and through the researchedarea extend the new leader of the six oil reservoirs of oil reservoir distribution characteristicsand oil and gas enrichment regularity of the research, the alternative of nine favorableexploration area.The article studies the main layer, which is Chang6Oil-bearing of Yangchang Formation,follow the "first looking for areas, looking for signs of auxiliary mark layer, first to section,and then a small section, spinning back control, reference thickness, more Wells, the contrastclosed" principle, according to the lithology, electrical and contain oily features, will be thechang6oil reservoirs of research into four oil reservoirs of, that is,61,62,and the63and64,established researched area of chang6Oil-bearing of fine stratigraphic classification andcorrelation, the case is worn, in the study sedimentary microfacies, sand body exhibition clothand the oil and gas accumulation regular research laid a foundation.Through the sedimentary rock phase, geophysical well logging in main sedimentaryfacies classification identification marks of the analysis, the author holds that t researchedarea of chang6oil formation of meandering river delta front belongs to the deposition,development, and underwater distributary channel, underwater between bay, the shunt damand sand table shape micro phase, including distributary channel micro phase is long and sixreservoirs of the skeleton sand body, debouch bar and state of sand table is not very development.Through the various test analysis, the district chang6oil formation reservoir rocksbelong to feldspar sandstone and main cutting quality feldspar sandstone. Affect the reservoirproperty of the main factors for deposition and diagenesis, local area was hit by a certaincrack effect.Chang6oil formation of the main research for lithologic reservoir and lithologicreservoir. Due to the different combination of accumulation accumulation process and themain controlling factors of different, comprehensive analysis think favorable sedimentaryfacies distribution, sand body developing zones and regional tectonic background is majorcontrolling factors. Comprehensive strata division, sedimentary facies, sand body exhibitioncloth, reservoir characteristics and oil reservoir distribution and so on various factors analysisthe hydrocarbon enrichment pattern, which is used to make favorable block, as the researcharea next exploration favorable geological basis for development.
Keywords/Search Tags:YanchangFormation, chang6oil formation, sedimentary microfacies, Sedimentary Mierofaeies, delta froni, Sand bodies distribution, oil enrichment regularity, Favorable area of oil and gas
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