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Analysis On The Metalioganic Geologic3l、Geochernical Characteristics And Metallogenic Conditions Of The Jinchanqaou Molybdenum Deposit In Jidang County, Heilonajiang Province

Posted on:2013-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2230330395459431Subject:Geological Engineering
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Jinchanggou Molybdenum deposit in the jidong country Heilongjiang Provice,islocated at the the mesozoic circum Pasific volcanism belt,the south and north side ofDunhua-Mishan fault.In this region volcanic structure and magmatic activity is verystrong. Ne-trending and Nw-trending fault structuresdevelop well.It is a stack compositestructure area and the favorite metallogenic area which experiences paleo-asian oceanbreakup of a palaeocontinent, Xingan-Mongolia orogenic caused by thePacific Plate’ssubduction to Eurasian Plate.Based on the summarization of geological characteristics of the deposit, I carryout the research work about the mineral fluid inclusion,geochemical metallogenicchronology etc. Combining previous research results I further limit metallogenic epochMetallogenic epoch dynamics background of molybdenum deposit in the eastern montainof Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province. The following conclusions have been reached:1.Jinchanggou Molybdenum Deposit in Jidong County Heilongjiang Provice, islocated in the northeast part of Mesozoic circum Pacific metallogenic belt, Copper goldpolymetallic metallogenic belt in the east Heilongjiang. The exposed stratum mainlyare the Neo-proterozoic Huangsong complex Yangmu group(Pt3y) and Yanwangdiangroup(Pt3yn), as well as Cenozoic Chuandishan basalt(Nc). The magmatism in the areais intensity and mainly on mesogene granite. The granite can be classified into threeperiods: Zhangguangcailing epoch, Late Indo-Chinese epoch and Late Yanshanian. Therock type is mainly on granodiorite, monzonite granite, granite porphyry, porphyritic granodiorite and porphyritic rhyolite.2.The ore mineralogy of molybdenum deposit in the Jinchanggou MolybdenumDeposit in Jidong County is dominated by pyrite, molybdenite, magnetic pyrite,sphalerite and chalcopyrite etc. According to the ore body of mutual wear cut relations,wood and ore structure characteristics, the hydrothermal mineralization period is themost main metallogenic period,and four stages of mineralization have been identified:(I)a quartz-pyrite stage;(II) a Quartz, pyrite, chalcopyrite-molybdenite stage;(III) aquartz-polymetallic sulfide stage, and (IV) a carbonate stage. Based on the geologicalcharacteristics of ore deposit, material source, the deposit is a typical porphyry deposit.3.The fluid inclusions from molybdenum deposit in the Jinchanggou MolybdenumDeposit in Jidong County is dominated by gas–liquid inclusion in quartz. Sampleindividual focus on4μm~13μm, the ratio of gas and liquid focus on10%~45%. Thehomogenization temperature vary from210℃to300℃. Experimental sample datanormal distribution feature is apparent, and about60%of the inclusion uniformtemperature in the peak temperature of250℃between280℃.Thesalinity of gas–liquidinclusion in quartz is5.7wt%NaCl-22.95wt%NaCl. Salinity distribution range is verylarge,and belongs to secondary salinity fluid range. Metallogenic fluid pressure value isbetween8.9MPa and54.55MPa, so the depth for metallogenesis is range from0.89kmto5.46km. Phases of fluid inclusions in the deposit、 uniform way,and the geologicalcharacteristics infield deposit,which show that ore-forming fluid in the theJinchanggou Molybdenum Deposit have effervescence occurred. Thef luid boiling arelikely main mechanisms which form precipitation of metallic minerals in deposits.4.The zircons from porphyritic granodiorite in the Jinchanggou MolybdenumDeposit in Jidong County, which is closely related to metallogenesis yielded U–Pb ageof114±2.2Ma, and inferred that metallogenic epoch is the early cretaceous. Itsbackground of diagenesis and mineralization was related to the Ring of the Pacific plate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jinchanggou molybdenum deposit in jidong county, ore genesis, geology andgeochemistry of deposit, metallogenic age
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