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Research On Favorable Area Prediction Of The Yan9Reservior Of Yanan Series In X-B Area

Posted on:2013-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330395978269Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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The Ximawan-baiyushan areas of Ordos basin is this paper’s study area, Jurassic Yan’an Formation in Ordos basin is elected as the target layere. Using sedimentary petrology,reservoir sedimentology,reservoir physics and petroleum geology theories to be the concept guidance of paper.on the basis of predecessors’schievements, collecting the field profiles photos, observing drilling cores and sampling description, combination logging curve and permeability of sandstone, Mip experimental analysis as main method to study of reservoir sedimentary facies, petrological characteristics, diagensis,petrophysical property and pore throat structure.etc.The target is to understand the research area reservoir classification and exhibition cloth, finding high-quality reservoir development site,eventually predicting areas favorable for oil and gas accumulation.Sedimentary structure and logging curve shape of that phase marks the research area for delta plain deposits, we consider the yan-9oil reservoir of the study area is Meandering river, which can be divided into channel microfacies, flood plain micro facies and Natural levees microfacies. Sand body is northeast to southwest toward ribbon or flake distribution,The main sedimentary reservoir is the channel of the river deposition. We think that the yan-9oil reservoir rock is mainly feldpathic quartzite, the rock character is pure, cementing material primarily is kaolinite. Compaction,cementation,medium diaggenesis and explaination actions destroy the primary porosity, causing sandstone property be reduced, dissolution improved reservoir physical properties, the plane spread of sandstone is relativeiy good in the spread of the oil reservoir’s physical character,the porosity of the channel sandstone is good,and its permeability is high,too.The oil reservoir is controlled by lithological character, depositional and structural effect.we consider the yan-9oil reservoir of the study area have the sedimentary facies.the spread of sandstone.the oil reservoir’s physicalcharacter,comprehensive reservoir evaluation and other faetors, these constitute the structural hydrocarbon reservoir and structural-lithology hydrocarbon reservoir. Through the sand body development zone, high value porosity district and try oil results, optimization out5oil accumulation advantageous area, These above will provide evidences for further exploration and exploitation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordos Basin, Yan9reservoir section, Sedimentary facies, Favorablearea prediction
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