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Fluid Prediction Of Tight Sandstone Based On Seismic Rock Physics

Posted on:2014-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q YingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330398994299Subject:Solid Earth Physics
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Since the21st century, the research of lithologic stratigraphic reservoirs is beenthe important part on the energy exploration and development in our country. As thedevelopment of the seismic exploration for petroleum and gas, it is harder to identifythe fluid by using only one or litlle information. So people hope to get more informationwhich can reflect stratum fluid from the seismic data. In the recent years, lots ofscholars have done some researchs about fluid identification. A far greater number ofstudies have shown that there are abundant resources in our country, and we have hugepotential and rare opportunity for development in many ways. On hydrocarbonresources the gas-bearing tight sandstone reservoir is more rich.. The geologicalconditions of the study area is complicated, and the risk of exploration is big. And now,we have three problems that are the reservoir prediction, distinguish of lithology andfluid.The thesis summarized the current status of research and the technology andmethods about the analysis of fluid reservoir based on Rock physics. In this paper, therock based on the theory of physics, the first of the rock containing different fluidschange their properties characteristic set of parameters for various paraments indifferent media to show the characteristics of the intersection based on a quantitativemethod to select more sensitive to the target reservoir parameters. The paper analysisthe theoretical model of the process, through the quantitative optimization of theintersection of the fluid out of the high sensitivity of the parameters and high sensitivityto parameter optimization. The relational technologies of researching amplitudevarition versus offset which are represented by AVO, have been studied deeply today.We know that AVO technology is based on rock physics and system, strictmathematical calculation, besides that, it can also reduce noise in some special process.For those, the AVO technology is developed rapidly and utilized widely and become avery important method for reservoir predication and oil and gas exploration.According to the seismic rock physics basic characteristics in the logging data ofthe study area of reservoir, using the intersection figure of seismic rock physics modeland seismic attributes to quantitative analysis of the reservoir lithology and fluid characteristics change influence on seismic elastic properties, giving the change oflithology and fluid characteristics of seismic elastic properties, provide the basis for thequantitative prediction. On the basis of3D pre-stack elastic parameters inversion, torealized the quantitative seismic interpretation of gas-bearing tight sandstone reservoir.
Keywords/Search Tags:Elastic parameters, fluid identification, Rock physics, AVO, tight-sandstone reservoir
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