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Study On Guanxi Candied Pomelo Processing Technology And Industry

Posted on:2013-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2231330395962724Subject:Food processing and security
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Currently, the planting area of honey pomelo in Pinghe has reached650,000acres, with an annual production of700,000tons. Developing pomelo processing industry in a big way will be an important channel for solving the problem of hard sells, increasing the economic benefits of pomelo industry. However, a large number of defective pomelos, pomelos with diseases, pomelo peels and even pomelo pulp are thrown away as waste every year. It causes a great loss of resources and environmental pollution. If these items are put into further processing and integrated utilization, pomelo industry will have its potential value and prospect. Therefore, our government should issue related preferential policy, increase support to fund, technique and talents, etc. especially the key technique of retaining freshness. Candied pomelos are added the taste of sugar and the nutritive value of pomelo is retained, so this kind of snack is popular with consumers. It is admeasured that candied pomelos are full of glycosides from pomelo peels, pectin and cellulose, etc, which take active part in cardiovascular and contribute to reducing blood viscosity and cholesterol. In recent years, it has appeared that pomelo industry has a high starting point, a fast development, obvious economic and social benefits, but there are existing problems in Pinghe candied pomelo industry.This article utilizes field survey, literature research system science and some other scientific methods to find out proeessing teehnology, the current situation, existing problems and related reasons of candied pomelo industry. At the same time, the gathered information is analyzed and concluded, then perceptual materials sublimate to rational ones. Study on Guanxi Candied Pomelo Processing Technology. From the current situation of high starting point, fast development and obvious benefits, this writing analyzes the problems in candied pomelo industry, such as small production scale, weak awareness of quality, lack of talents, skills of sugar-solidify and sugar-melting, fermentation and mouldiness, abuse of food additive, physical pollution, etc. Then, some suggestions are put forward:strengthen policy guidance, increase support of funds, enhance production supervision, be strict with source monitoring, set up traceability system, keep a lookout for risks, improve techniques, and enhance production efficiency and so on. Meanwhile, there are "five considerations" in this article:requirements of health, brand characteristics, products innovation, food safety, product design and development.
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