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Control Technology Research On Automatic Mechanical Transmission In Automobile

Posted on:2011-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2232330371963951Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Therefore it has a wide potential to develop Shift control is an important component of the automatic gearshift technique on vehicle. The performance of entire vehicle is affected directly by the shift-quality. By far the research on this aspect is carrying on all over the world. With the development of electronics technique and control theories (classic control, modern control, intelligence control), a series of control methods have been led into shift control gradually. It has become a trend to design and develop an automatic transmission system with high intelligence, and vehicular intelligent shift turns into the orientation on which gearshift technique will develop. This dissertation works on applying the intelligence technique to accomplish gearshift of Automatic Mechanical Transmission(AMT)in automobile.First, this paper has analyzed the dynamic process of the vehicle shifting , and has evaluated the car’s shifting quality objectively through parameters such as shifting time, the jerk , friction work and so on. We have analyzed the main factors that affect the shifting quality of AMT transmission and the main troubles of shifting procees, then put forward methods of improving the shifting quality of AMT transmission.We have aquired part of the engine’s load characteristics. According to the variables of vehicle performance parameters caused by the wear and tear of mechanical systems, the vehicle load change and changes in road environment, we have developed the control strategy based on a variety of mutative parameters and have made simulation analysis.Secondly, we have obtained the best power and saving shift schedule according to the dates of CFA6422 car Changfeng M1A. Based on three-parameter shift schedule,we have founded fuzzy neural network model of shifting procees and have extracted the correspondence between vehicle status and best stalls to make stall dicision.Finally, we have made simulation analysis through the control model of shifting engine and clutch that adopted the method of fuzzy neural network . By using the dynamic model of the whole AMT system, we have made computer simulation, tested the simulation results and compared the advantages and disadvantages of shift schedule. The results showed that the three-parameter shift schedule achieved by the fuzzy neural network can achieves a good stall decision-making.
Keywords/Search Tags:automobile, automatic mechanical transmission, Fuzzy neural network, gear-shift quality, gear-shift schedule
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