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Study On Preparation Of Autoclaved Lime-sand Brick Using Oil Shale Ash

Posted on:2014-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395496691Subject:Chemical Engineering
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A huge amount of spent oil shale was produced during the oil shaleenterprises retorting the oil shale. The storage of the spent shale will occupy a largeamount of land. It is not only a waste of valuable land and spent shale resource butalso causing serious environment pollution. This paper considers the developmentand utilization of oil shale resources from the overall perspective, paying attentionto the development of spent oil shale resource industry and the experimentalstudies on the utilization of spent oil shale as the main raw material for preparationof autoclaved sand-lime brick. By this way it can effectively solve the problem ofprocessing spent oil shale, change waste to treasure, protect environment, saveenergy, create considerable economic benefit and establish a complete, scientific,environmental protection industry chain.There are three conventional methods for processing the spent oil shale: first,fill wells pit through underground filling; second, prepare silica, molecular sieve,and other chemical product by chemical methods extracting the active chemicalcomponents in spent oil shale; third, prepare building materials by taking theadvantage of its characteristics of high content of silica-alumina. These methodshave their advantages and disadvantages. From the view of treatment on the spentshale, the best way is underground filling, but it can’t create too high economicvalue, just reduce the stacked venue. The prepared chemical products can be soldfor a higher price, however, due to the complex process, larger investment, and therelatively smaller market demand for chemical products, the method is difficult to general promote; The method of building materials has many advantages, i.e. alarge amount of spent shale treatment, simpler process, smaller investment,and greater market demand, so it is suitable for a wide range of promotion. Thisstudy based on the use of spent oil shale as the main raw material for thepreparation of autoclaved lime sand brick. In consideration of a larger proportionof silicon and aluminum components in the spent oil shale, the content of SiO2is57%to58%and the content of Al2O3is17%to18%.The autoclaved lime-sand brick is a new type of building material which ispromoted and developed by the country. Autoclaved lime-sand brick prepared byspent oil shale not only complies with the national saving land resource andappeals to promote the development of new building material, but also meets thenational philosophies of environment protection and building beautiful China.This study based on the use of spent oil shale as the main raw material for thepreparation of autoclaved lime-sand brick, realized recycling of industrial wasteresidue, achieved the value of the spent oil shale in building materials, extendedthe field of application for the spent oil shale and filled the blank field of thepreparation lime-sand brick by spent oil shale.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oil shale, Industrial residue, Recycling economy, Autoclaved lime-sandbrick, Environmental protection
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