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Quantitative Calculation And Qualitative Analysis Of Composition Of Oil Shale And Its Combustion Products

Posted on:2014-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N PeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395990036Subject:Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
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More and more countries have increasingly attached on the exploitation andutilization of oil shale with the increasingly rigorous situation of energy resourcesnowadays. The study on combustion characteristics of oil shale is the foundation andkey factor for its development and comprehensive utilization. Oil shale is a kind ofpotential energy and its reserves is tremendous. The development and utilization ofoil shale have a history of nearly200years. Because oil shale contains high mineralcontents, it usually can be used by refining shale oil or direct combustion.A method for calculation of the main composition of oil shale and itscombustion products is based on the various correlations governing the compositionof this oil shale, and relations between lower heating value of air dry oil shale and itsmain components. The calculations in this part allow to find the main composition ofoil shale and its combustion products based only upon its lower heating value.Experimental samples were from Huadian, Wangqing, Maoming, Longkou,Beipiao,Fushun regions in different layers and different mining areas. Building an experimenttable to measure the carbon dioxide content of carbonate, there is a certain mutualrelationship between carbonate carbon dioxide content of air dry oil shale and thelower heating value of oil shale by the analysis of the experimental data.The experimental results of oil shale proximate analysis, ultimate analysis andheating value measurement show that there exist mutual relations between the variouscomponents of oil shale and there are certain relations between lower heating value ofair dry oil shale and its main compositions. Related to the composition of thecombustion products and the composition of the oil shale, also there is a certainrelationship between the heating value and the composition of the combustionproducts. Moreover, through data analysis to establish the quantitative relationshipbetween heating value and main compositions of oil shale and its combustion products, determine the formulas. Samples from more than90%of the domestic oilshale mine. It obtained simple and fast calculation formula of general applicabilitythrough data analysis. This paper presents a calculation of main components of oilshale useful for estimating the average characteristics of oil shale as well as thepossible deviations from these mean values. And it has important significance to theboiler design engineer and estimating combustion conditions of oil shale in boilers.
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