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Design And Research Of3kW Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Soft-Switching Charger

Posted on:2014-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330398950250Subject:Motor and electrical appliances
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China’s rapid economic development brings the increase on people’s living standard, while the consumption of energy and natural resources has increased dramatically. However, the traditional resource that supports China’s traditional energy supply is not rich. The possessions of coal, oil, natural gas and other energy per capita are lower than the world level. Thus, the improvement is needed for the efficiency of the usage of the energy is an inherent requirement of the sustainable development of our country. To continue the sustainable development of our country while using the limited domestic resources, it is undoubtedly needed to improve the efficiency of energy usage. As described above, it is quite clear that energy-saving and environment protection becomes the top theme of this era. Since chargers are applied in multiple industrials and transportation system as power charging equipment, it is necessary to increase its efficiency and reliability standard to meet the requirement of our time. Based on this, it is significantly important for us to carry out a series of studies on the phase-shifted soft-switching charger.To build from the project "3kW Phase-shifted Full-bridge Soft-switching Charger", this research is mainly focused on phase-shifted full-bridge soft-switching technology. During the process, the plan for the charger’s main circuit topology and the selection of components has been completed, along with the design of control circus for both hardware and software. By accomplishing the tasks above, the purpose of this research is to achieve the miniaturization, weight reduction and intelligence of charger, while also improve the efficiency and the stability of the charger. The detailed procedures are shown as follows:First, the background and significance of the paper topic and the development status at home and abroad are recommended and discussed, and the design target is pointed out. Second, the basic principles of the phase-shifted full-bridge soft-switching technology are described and the main circuit structure and working process is analyzed. Based on the foregoing, the main circuit topology of the3kW phase-shifted full-bridge soft switching charger is determined, the parameters of critical devices are calculated and selected, including the selection of the power switch, parameters design and manufacture method of high-frequency transformer, and the calculation of parameters of the capacitances which are in parallel with the switch and so on. After that, the control circuit hardware design is introduced in detail, including the selection of the control chip, the design of data acquisition circuit, phase-shifted pulse generating circuit based on the UCC3895, serial communication circuit and protection circuit and so on. Combined with the selected control chip STM32F103VC, and based on the development environment uVision4and C language, the software system to realize the function of the charger is developed. The design of the charger is mainly completed by now.Last but not the least, based on the research and design of the3kW phase-shifted full-bridge soft switching charger, and the prototypes of charger have been made. A series of experiments have been conducted on it. The results of the experiments show that the design of the main circuit topology of charger is reasonable and practicable enough to achieve the desired objectives. Meanwhile, the control system and software programs are working correctly, and this indicates the achievement of the functional requirements for the intelligent charger. The working parameters of the test results are good enough to meet the design requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soft-Switching Charger, Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Control, UCC3895, STM32F103VC
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