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A Study On Intelligent Propulsion System Of Offshore Support Vessel

Posted on:2014-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330398952409Subject:Marine Engineering
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Offshore oil and gas resources have become an important oil-gas resource in the world; the exploitation of offshore oil and gas resources, particularly deep-water oil-gas resources, has become one of the important strategic measures in our country. To develop marine economy is of great importance to promote economic development and industrial structure adjustment of coastal areas in China. It is also very important for easing the tense situation of land resource and guarantee national security. It needs a large number of advanced marine engineering equipment. Of which, Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) provides comprehensive operation support and service for the exploration, exploitation of underwater oil gas, including the weighing and dropping anchor, the towing of large engineering ships, the transportation and supplying of drilling material, fire protection etc., combined with the harsh and complex ocean environment, higher requirements are brought up for the performance of control system.This thesis presents a mathematical model of OSV’s propulsion system based on MATLAB/SIMULINK and works out the optimization program with MATLAB language. It is intended to optimize OSV’s maneuverability and the comprehensive optimal control performance. First of all, according to the propulsion system, this thesis presents the mathematical model of each subsystem and control system, such as governor, diesel engine, the propeller, pitch control system, load control system, etc.On the basis of mathematical model, to establish graphical model of the intelligent propulsion system and control objective with SIMULINK.According to the characteristics of the OSV, build the model which objective function is the rapidity and control performance. In the program, the optimization methods are GA and fuzzy logic method.Finally, analyze the optimization results from the aspects of adaptability. The control performance, the handing performance and the economic performance of the ship is greatly improved after optimizing with the theory of intelligent control. It realizes the best hull-propeller-engine matching prolongs the service life of the main engine and greatly reduces the operation cost of ship.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marine Engine, Propulsion System, Simulation, Fuzzy Logic Control
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