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Goat Pineal Cells Microencapsulated Related Inflammation Preliminary Study

Posted on:2013-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2233330374478848Subject:Clinical Veterinary Medicine
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Pineal gland is located between the third ventricle of the animal body and the hypothalamus, It is an important secretory organ of the animals. The pineal gland secretes two kinds of hormones, both melatonin and peptides, Melatonin plays an important role of the body; In the past several decades, many attempts have been made to prevent the rejection of transplanted cells by the immune system. Cell encapsulation is primary machinery for cell transplantation and approaches were developed to encapsulate various types of cells to treat a wide range of diseases. This technology involves placing the transplanted cells within a biocompatible membrane in attempt to isolate the cells from the host immune attack and enhance or prolong their function in vivo. In this experiment, we link the pineal cells and microcapsules,and hope to understand the survival of the pineal gland in the microcapsules, want to provide a scientific basis for pineal microencapsulation. This experimental study from this two aspects.1.The survival status of a pineal cell microencapsulationIn this study, We selected three goat and put to death unified, with the goats head for aseptic processing.We got the goat pineal cells and cultured, cells under sterile conditions.and then cell microencapsulation. We detected pineal cells in Immunohistochemical, and high performance liquid chromatography of the melatonin. The results show that the goat pineal cells can be cultured in medium under an inverted microscope.the cells Cells were round, a little gap between each cell, a certain degree of refraction. Microencapsulated cells, each Cell micro-encapsulation is probably wrapped dozens of pineal cells, microcapsules roughly into a circle. Under conditions of high performance liquid, The pineal gland cells secrete melatonin peak time is the same with the standard product, we can see in the case of microencapsulated, the pineal gland cells still secrete melatonin.2.Pineal tissue compatibilityIn this experiment,30Kunming mice were divided into three experimental groups (n=10), the first group were injected with normal saline, the second group were injected space capsule in the subcutaneous, the third group was injected with cells encapsulation, detecting the number of IL-1and TNF-α and white blood cells. The results showed that30mice survive and remain healthy. White blood cells of the cell microcapsules slightly higher than the control group, indicating a certain degree of inflammation, but little effect, IL-1αand TNF-α did not change significantly, the body cells encapsulation exclusion is not obvious. can be used as histocompatibility experimental basis.
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