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Research On Canopy Spectrum Characteristic Of Various Winterwheat Cultivars And The Relationship With Agriculture Parameter

Posted on:2013-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2233330395968782Subject:Crop Cultivation and Farming System
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The winter wheat is one of the most main grain crops.Through monitoringthe winter wheat’s spectrum reflection characteristic and the relations between it andthe agronomy parameter in different growth stage under the different winter wheatcultivars, the theory which could inspect the remote sensing for growth of winterwheat and evaluate wheat yield was established.The ASD-Field field spectra scope measure was used to monitor winter wheatcanopy spectrum changes in the different growth stage, and meanwhile differentvarieties’ canopy spectrum characteristic and between agronomy parametercorrelational dependence was studied.systematic analysis was made for relationshipsbetween wheat agronomic parameters and19spectral characteristic parameters,as aresult,their correlation coefficient was remarkable and the different winter wheatspectrum sensitive wave band was found.the correlation of the different wintercultivars canopy spectrum reflection characteristic between the leaf age,leaf areaindex,aboveground fresh biomass,aboveground dry biomass,plant water content andplant nitrogen content was studied under certain condition.Aimed at the farm crop remote sensing monitoring and assessing production tomeet the request of the spectrum information, the research work was developed andsubstantial progress was made as follows.(1) The tendency of canopy reflection curve seemed to be approximately same inthe differently winter wheat varieties.The hyperspectral reflectance was graduallygetting smaller in the visible region and bigger in the near infrared region along withgrowth.the canopy reflection was low in the visible light wave band(400-700nm).Between510-610nm there was a small absorption peak in the green light wave band;also there appeared a high reflectance area in the near infrared area(700-940nm).Thedifference of canopy reflection in near-infrared (700-1075nm) band wasobvious,whereas the wave band in the visible light (400-700nm) was not evident.(2) For wheat at different growth stages, conducted statistical correlation analysisbetween various parameters of agronomy and canopy spectra reflectance, and the firstderivative spectra. the optimal sensitive band was detected out,including statistical correlation analysis on plant height, leaf age,leaf area index, aboveground freshbiomass, aboveground dry biomass, plant water content and plant nitrogen content.(3) For wheat at different growth stages,conducted statistical correlation analysisbetween various parameters of agronomy and19spectra parameters,the optimalspectra parameters was detected out to make a sound foundation for set up models byusing spectral Parameters, including statistical correlation analysis on plant height,leaf age,leaf area index, aboveground fresh biomass, aboveground dry biomass, plantwater content, plant nitrogen content.(4) Set up statistical estimation model for various wheat morphologicalcharacteristics, biophysical and biochemical parameters based on spectral parameters.
Keywords/Search Tags:winter wheat, spectral characteristic, agriculture parameter, estimationmodel
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