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Research On The Development Of Folk Culture Industry In Yangjiabu

Posted on:2013-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Yangjiabu,Weifang City, Shandong Province, is a gathering place for Woodcut New Year pictures and kite as the representative of folk cultural resources,where the folk cultural resources is enriched, social and economic is good. In recent years, the folk culture industry has made a great development. It has great reference significance for the development of folk culture industry at other regions.The thesis is based on systematic analysis of folk culture resources of Yangjiabu, make a comprehensive exposition on rationality, necessity, the basic path and specific measures of the industrialization strategy. Details are as follows:In part1is viewed in cultural resources, and presents the cultural resources types and development of cultural resources which combing through its history, geographic background, district relation among the folk cultural industries and development process of various folk cultural industries.In part2, this thesis theoretically discuss the strategy implement of industrialization of Yang Jiabu folk culture; focus on the necessity of industrialization of Yang Jiabu folk culture, and how to executive industrialization, It also discuss the implementation step of process of industrialization, puts forward some problems to be paid attention to and some strategy of process of industrialization, etc.Part3focuses on the development planning of Yang Jiabu folk culture discussing the brand programming of Yang Jiabu folk culture which consists of three parts:packaging development of Yang Jiabu folk cultural product; making a brand of Yang Jiabu folk cultural festival activities; and development planning of folklore culture tourism. Not only points out the existing problems of the above three aspects and gives some suggestions to correct, but also presents the content of development planning and image orientation.The appendix offers the development planning of Yang Jiabu folk culture industry group which is a simple idea that based on the information available. Through these researches, in the end of this paper outlook for the further development planning of Yang Jiabu folk culture and hope the Yang Jiabu folk culture industries have a larger development and produce benefits by planning reasonably, build up the top1folklore culture tourism brand in In North China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yang Jiabu, Folk culture, Culture resources, Culture industry, Development
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