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In The Form Of Yangjiabu New Year Paintings Characteristics Of The Process Development

Posted on:2013-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2235330395970839Subject:Fine Arts
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New Year paintings as" Chinese culture" representatives, is entrusted with the people on the desire a better life, Yang Jiabu Wood New Year paintings originated from folk rooted in folk, according to people’s aesthetic needs after long-term development and formed a unique feature in the form of feature. Yangjiabu New Year paintings, wood exaggerated full composition, color is strong, cover a wide range of subjects, rich in content, style variety. These characteristics of Yangjiabu New Year paintings on wood technology plays an important role in the development.This article through to the formation of Yangjiabu New Year paintings form characteristic factors understanding and discourse, attempts to analyze the Yangjiabu woodcut New Year paintings in the form of features, first of all, a brief introduction of the development history of Yangjiabu New Year paintings, elaborate classification of Yangjiabu Wood New Year paintings rich content and subject matter, secondly, from the technique of expression on the detailed contrast, fully demonstrated Yangjiabu New Year paintings unique feature. List of Yangjiabu New Year paintings again, the method of composition and color feature, with the art design for the observation angle, discusses the Yangjiabu woodcut New Year paintings of unique artistic charm and its process development of links between.Understanding of Yangjiabu New Year paintings artistic connotation and Chinese traditional culture, the traditional culture with New Year paintings as the carrier, which the great cultural value and artistic value, to promote the national spirit of cohesion and identity plays an important role in Yangjiabu New Year paintings, as well as all woodblock New Year paintings of inheritance and development, will have important guiding significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Year paintings, Form feature, Process development, YangJiaBu
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