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A Translation Project Report Of Media Education In Asia

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Media education is becoming an important subject as its significant increasedinternationally. It focuses on developing people’s media literacy to make them possessthe ability of using the media effectively and using it in a right way. The source text ofthis paper is a selection from Chi-Kim Cheung’s Media Education in Asia; the sixthchapter: Media Education in South Korea: History, Dynamic and Challenges. Themain focus is on handling long sentence from English into Chinese and the differencebetween English and Chinese, which are the difficulties that many translators wouldbe confronted with. For example, in the process of translation, to translate the wordand sentence correspondingly, the target text will become not fluent and not accordwith the Chinese habit of expression.In order to level off the quality of translation and realize certain goals, I havelearnt some writing background of Chi-Kim Cheung, analyze the content of sourceand page through a lot of related materials before I begin my translation. In theprocess of translation, I pay more attention to culture and custom of the thinkingmode of possible readers. The translation mainly apply the literal translation, freetranslation, conversion of clauses in translation and other translation methods andskills. This report adopts the Skopos Theory as its research method. Additionally, italso applies the methods of compiling appropriately to make the translation obtain afunctional equivalence and achieve the intention of the corresponding text. At the endof the report, it laid out the lesson learnt from translation and listed the unsolvedproblems in it.
Keywords/Search Tags:media education, long sentence translation, translation methods, SkoposTheory
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