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On The View Of The Public Trust Of Government Enhancement Path Selection

Posted on:2012-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2236330368977954Subject:Public Management
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In present-day society, China is in the critical period of social transformation. The important sign to inspect the authority’s governance capability and management level depends on whether the government can handle the public crisis timely and effectively. However, the extent of governance capability and management level influence the relative strength of Public trust of government. Therefore, public crisis management and Public trust of government interact each other. Public crisis is an essential factor to restrict the elevation of Public trust of government. The more efficiency the government performed in public crisis management, the more public recognition and trust it received. In contrast, if the performance of public crisis management is low, it will lose more and more trust from the individual. Meanwhile, Public trust of government supports the public crisis management. Furthermore, credibility is the influence and call capacity of the government. When public crisis arise, the government will get high evaluation if it own relative powerful credibility. The public recognition the government received is a good way to address the public crisis. By contract, if the government lack of credibility, the situation will be passive definitely. While making the public crisis management, all of this four elements (e.g. administrative philosophy, construction of organization, establishment of mechanism, legal setting) will affect Public trust of government. Therefore, it is an important path selection to enhance Public trust of government with the set up of concept of the administrative power of modern government, establish a crisis management organization, improve crisis management mechanism and have a sound legal system in public crisis management.
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