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A Premilinarystudy On The Accountability System Of Governmental Environmental Information Disclosure In China

Posted on:2013-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330362963918Subject:Economic Law
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Public participation in environmental information and public accountability aims toprevent public sector disciplinary environmental information disclosure violations. The publicdisclosure of information by the main public participation in environmental assessment workcarries out its monitoring role of independent environmental information, as well assupervision of the administrative proceedings and government accountability responsibility.The value and significance of the open and accountable public participation in the informationenvironment from an economic, legal and environmental dimensions of the different studylaw have different meanings. The investigation by the parties and the author’s own application,despite the progress of information disclosure, however, involve the public to apply their own"most concerned" should take the initiative of the public information difficult. In theinformation disclosure system of accountability, the lack of clear responsibility department,the obligation of those responsible. Environmental issues and information society, the realityand universality is the external accountability of public participation in making great urgency.Accountability of public participation must first understand the willingness to participate,according to environmental information and public participation in public accountability ofthe subjective evaluation of the attitude survey. Taking all aspects of the situation, China’scurrent government environmental information work, from the perspective of stakeholders,the content needs to be expanded. Accountability of public participation in environmentalinformation disclosure in different latitudes, different subjective wishes. To enhance thepublic trust from the perspective of enhancing the credibility of the judiciary, agency needs toenhance their credibility from the official proceeding. To build safe social environment andharmonious political order centered around the protection of the rights of citizens, full of theirwork. Second, public participation in the construction of accountability should be based onfull reflection and understanding of the existing system on the basis of foreign experience.Pragmatic study, our current government environmental information disclosure has achievedthe "internal" multiple accountability, in essence, there are many defects.Therefore, the response of democratic trends, the optimization of the system environment, and the gradualintroduction and strengthening on external constraint are the trend. This mechanism is publicparticipation in external evaluation system. The field of environmental information systemand the independent ombudsman citizens or environmental groups filed administrativeproceedings constitute the environmental information disclosure. Three respectivecomparative advantages, together with open government environmental information work inthe supervision and management. Which directly affect the government involved in theevaluation and its staff behavior of legality and legitimacy, the Ombudsman’s supervisorypowers given to the people, and potentially a wide range of activities involved in monitoringof the main administrative proceedings. Relying on their own each action, the public startsdirect supervision, indirect supervision of the judicial level to play an active role.Construction of an external mechanism is not done overnight. Forced by the pressure of thetraditional institutional mechanisms, the current is more pragmatic combination of internaland external, gradual transition. External accountability is the dominant trend.
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