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Under The Perspective Of Historical Materialism Of Marx's Human Rights

Posted on:2013-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330362965209Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Human rights is not only an important part of Marx theory research,butalso the ideal human pursuit. Therefore,having this research on Marx humanrights theory in this contemporary society means a lot to the human rightsdevelopment and its practice. The research has very important significance.The author attempts to dig the view of human rights in Marx theory,based onthe development path of Marx view of human rights and based on the historyof logic. How his view of human rights bud,how he was critically inheritedthe elder thought of human rights,and then how he built up his own historicalmaterialism of Marx human rights theory. The connotation of Marx’s view ofhuman rights is to freedom human being and achieve the purpose of all-rounddevelopment for human being,which has great significance to our Chinesecharacteristic socialist human rights construction. It’s the cause of ourcountry human rights,which is the theoretical basis and value orientation.The introduction mainly discusses why choose this topic,the researchstatus of this topic,at home and abroad, and the research significance. Thesecond part,is mainly telling the origin of Marx’s human rights thought basedon the time sequence. There is ancient Greek Sophists,as early as in ancientRome. There is Moore in sixteenth Century. And there are Rock, Montesquieu,Rousseau,Hegel and utopian socialists. Plenty of great predecessors thought,directly or indirectly, influenced Marx, and later has great impact infounding of Marx’s own historical materialism view of human rights. The thirdpart,the author is trying to explore the human rights view in the Marx’s famousworks. Beginning with the study of Marx’s《doctoral thesis》,the first timeMarx study the theory of freedom. Passing through the《Rhine newspaper》period,his thought of " the development of every human being " began to sprout.After that Marx criticism the youth Hegel faction’s study thought,then hewalked out from Hegel went into Feuerbach’s “humanism”. Later,MarxDeveloped the useful of Feuerbach’s and discarded the useless,finally Marxfound out his view of human rights. Thereafter Marx began to research in thefield of economics. In 《economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of1844》,analysis of the economy tells his view of human rights. With his works comeout later,Marx eventually established the historical materialism view ofhuman rights. The fourth part,by comparison between Marx’s view of humanrights whit the modern concept of human rights,the author trying to tell the connotation of Marx’s human rights view and its characteristic and aim etc..The fifth part,bond the Marx view of human rights with China’s reality,as the theory foundation of scientific outlook on development,it will beapplied to social practice and guiding the socialist market economy,and itis always the Chinese Communists’ consistent pursuit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx’s human rights view, historical materialism, embryo, formation
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