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Research On Chinese Rural Land Transfer System

Posted on:2013-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L M JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330362975604Subject:Economic Law
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The moderate scale operation and scale operation of the agriculture production has become aninexorable trend to improve our economy. In our country, the rural collective land ownership ofagricultural scale operation is realized on the premise of the free circulation of land contractualmanagement. At the present, the management is permitted to circulate, yet the stable and long-lastcirculation is hindered by all kinds of causes: The stubborn prejudice of the farmers and moreimportantly, the unfulfilled responsibility of the government on guarantee farmland circulation andthe update of the land system. This thesis is to give a presentation of the current situation, existingflaws and needed improvement from governmental responsibility. Furthermore, through researchinto more advanced practice on land circulation, lead a discussion on legal system of landcirculation of our country so as to promote the effective and steady circulation of farmland.The thesis is divided into Four chapters.Chapter One is a general presentation of the theories of farmland circulation. Other than that,there is an analyze of the necessity of China’s farmland circulation based on our reality. At last, it isa summary of our current land system and the importance of updating and innovating the farmlandcirculation policy, which leads to the core of this thesis.Chapter Two is an analysis of our current situation of farmland circulation and thesignificance of the land policy, summary of our government in the transfer of agricultural land inthe default.Chapter Three discussed the composition of the government responsibilities under thefarmland circulation policy at home and abroad. The intention is to find out the appropriatefarmland circulation system that suits our country.Chapter Four focused on the endeavor to completing and updating our farmland system.Inspection from aspects of the responsibility of the systematic construction of the transfer from thegovernment in strengthening the agricultural land, and improve the responsibility of the rural socialsecurity system, improve the transfer of agricultural land market the responsibility of the legalsystem construction, and transfer of agricultural land in China related measures change.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transfer of agricultural land, Government Accountability, The legalsystem, Improve the mechanism
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