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H City Land Bureau Staff Incentive Mechanism Research

Posted on:2013-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z LeiFull Text:PDF
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Land resource is the human survival and social sustainable development materialfoundation and carrier, the new period of domestic and international situation of land andresources management departments to put forward higher request, how to make full use ofhuman resources in land resources management activities in the leading role, incentivemechanism and to be built.This paper takes H City Land Bureau staff as the research object, using the organizationbehavior and human resource management incentive theory and draw lessons from domestic andinternational experience, at the same time by using the method of documentary, questionnaire,comparative analysis and other methods, based on the local land departments of the reality,through interviews and questionnaires, mastered first-hand data, the survey data were comparedand analyzed, found that H City Land Bureau staff incentive mechanism in five aspects: one isthe material incentive is relatively insufficient; two is to ignore the different levels, different age,gender staff needs difference; three is the promotion difficulty big, lack the environment of faircompetition; four is the performance appraisal form; the five is a negative incentive mechanismis not perfect, the problem such as unreasonable and execution.Then in view of the above fivequestions respectively from spiritual light material; incentive mechanism become rigid, ignoringthe demand difference; personnel fluidity, competitive transparency is not high; performanceevaluation, content is backward, the influence of negative incentive mechanism; difficult toexecute, upright without overwhelming evil five aspects analysis.Finally to improve the H CityLand Bureau staff incentive mechanism, put forward to solve as soon as possible and institutionsstaff treatment, as far as possible easing pay and reward is not consistent, adopt classificationdifference incentive means contradiction solve demand diversity, introducing risk andcompetitive drive mechanism, perfect the staff performance appraisal system, strengthen theauthority and participation motivation means, strengthen the supervision and punishment sevensuggestions and countermeasures.The full text is divided into five parts, the first part mainly introduces the background, theresearch goal and the research significance, the research content and way of thinking; the secondpart of the first main concepts are defined, and then analyzes the incentive mechanism researchstatus and theoretical basis are summarized; the third part through the investigationquestionnaires about current H City Land Bureau staff incentive mechanism to run the currentsituation, found the problem, analyzes the cause of the problem; in the fourth part of thequalitative and quantitative analysis on the basis of research results, clearly improve the H CityLand Bureau staff incentive mechanism guiding ideology, and further puts forward the relatedcountermeasure proposal; the fifth part is the conclusion of the study and the prospect of futureresearch, with period the H City Land Bureau to improve staff incentive mechanism to providescientific, effective reference, while for the other prefecture-level city land sector staff incentivemechanism to provide references for the construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Resources Bureau, staff, motivation mechanism, Questionnaire investigation
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