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A Study Of Government Behaviors In Festive Economy

Posted on:2013-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Emerging as a key component of the modern service, festival activities boast diverse functions ineconomic development and cultural exchange, thus become one of the vital means to improving the urbanservice function, boosting the city’s image, as well as promoting the regional economic development. Interms of their relation with the government and market, festival activities largely fall into five categories:government-led festivals, government-driven festivals, market-led festivals, association-driven festivalsand those organized by government and market.However, much intervention and interference in the festivals from the government would lead to suchproblems as excessive waste, rent seeking and corruption, which can be explained from three aspects. First,government failure occurs in developing festival economy, which is shown in the low efficiency ofgovernment policies, rent seeking and expansion of government organizations. Second, the governmentperformance appraisal system is not without loopholes. The system is intended to enhance the governmentadministrative capabilities, improve its performance and credibility and build a harmonious society.However, government organizations have no clear understanding of this and the appraisal system hasactually deviated from its original purpose. Third, the society does not have an effective mechanism tosupervise the government. Social supervision comes from both the public and the news media.To solve these problems, efforts might be made from three aspects: First, festival activities must beheld to meet the public needs and the government should strengthen financial constraints, introduce a thirdparty and disclose information to the public. Second, the government should strengthen financialsupervision and the constraint mechanism, so as to prevent corruption and unwanted festivals which might result in excessive waste and damage to the society. Third, reasonable third-party participation isconducive to the stable growth of festival economy. It provides a platform for citizens to express theirpolitical will and achieve their political rights to limit government behaviors. The government plays a triorole in the management, regulation and supervision of festival activities. As the behavior subject, thegovernment can intervene in festival activities from the three aspects of legislative, judicial andadministrative work.The government responsibilities are as follows: to foster a unified market; to set down competitionrules for a unified and coordinated market; to establish an organizing and coordinating institute; tostrengthen the integration of public service facilities; to promote the coordinated development of regionalindustries, improve and perfect the relevant laws and rules of festival economy, etc.The government’s job is to regulate the society and market for the right direction, in order to ensurethe harmonious development of society and boost the vigor and vitality of enterprises. The governmentshould not interfere as long as the market can handle. It should formulate policies and provide serviceseparately, strictly act in compliance with the state constitution and laws. Whatever policies or regulationsare made by government at whichever levels, no conflicts with the constitution and state laws shall betolerated. The government should make clear regulation procedures and methods, clearly define the dutydereliction of the government and major leaders in festival economy development and their correspondinglegal responsibilities, and clarify the government’s economic functions in case of market failure.
Keywords/Search Tags:festival economy, government behavior, transaction cost, government regulation, rent-seeking
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