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The Question Of The Motive Forces Of The Contemporary Chinese Political System Reform

Posted on:2013-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371491971Subject:Marxism in China
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Contemporary China political reform from the trend of reform and opening up the way,stumbled all the way, especially in the hugely successful brilliant halo nestled under China’spolitical reform, it is particularly bleak.Although China’s political reform development in acertain sense, such as the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is no longer setup the office of Chairman, but the establishment of the General Secretary and the Secretariat toaddress some of the problems of excessive concentration of power;Life-long tenure of the reformof the national leadership cadres, the provisions of the tenure system and the deadline for thesystem, leading cadres in accordance with the provisions of the age to retire, retired; institutionalreform, the implementation of party and government division of functions, in order to overcomethe bureaucracy, this does not cover up China’s political systemreform is lagging behind. Thereason for not adequately study the momentum of political reform in China, analysis of itscontext, and explore their development, have to say that it is a quite important reason.This paper attempts a comprehensive and systematic study of the dynamic problem ofpolitical reform in China, in order to solve the contemporary development of China’s politicalreform slow lag, thus promoting political reform in China to move forward in order to adapt toChina’s current development trends. Departure from the Marxist theory of the research system,starting from the many aspects of economic, political, social and cultural systems analysis of thepower of the Chinese political system, even a source of strength for exploring the contribution ofthe momentum of political reform in China. This paper first discusses the concept of connotationon the power of political reform in China, and then analyze their characteristics and the role ofwriting the entire paper and lay the basis of theoretical concepts; then, the need to explore thepower of political reform in China; Second, a systemic analysis of the momentum of politicalreform in China, mainly from the history, present and future of China’s political reform toproceed, start from the perspective of economic, political, social, cultural, and strive to fullydemonstrate the power of political system reformthe whole picture; raised the driving force ofChina’s political reform system integration, three conflicting aspects of the basic driving forceand the upper power and real power and ideal power starting from the internal power andexternal power of the power of political reform in China,classification and integration of themomentum of political reform in China, and then come to the starting point for promotingpolitical reform in China and the breakthrough point for people.In this paper, the last part of the comprehensive findings and conclusions, that themomentum of political reform in China is multifaceted and layered, and needs to play the internal dynamics of the power of political reform in China, the upper power and reality ofpower, while the external powerbase motives and ideals of power and work hard in order topromote in-depth development of China’s political system reform to adapt to China’s overalldevelopment. And,this constitute this thesis, new insights and innovations...
Keywords/Search Tags:political reform, power, necessity, top-level design
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