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On The Constitutional Significance Of The Democratic Coalition Government

Posted on:2013-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371493194Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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As the highest constitutional value, people around the world are always actively pursuing the Democracy. Democracy include rights, equality and freedom, which reflects people’s most basic and homeliest political request in political life.However, Democracy does not shape spontaneously, which forms after experiencing several constitutionalism campaigns. So, Democracy is a flower that blossoms in the constitutionalism campaign. The political opinion of Coalition Government is the democracy flower, which blossoms in the constitutionalism campaigns in the later period of the Anti-Japanese War.The thesis is comprised of four parts.The first chapter mainly discourses the contents of the political Coalition government, its epoch backgrounds and traits. The essay firstly introduce the contents about the opinion of Coalition government.Secondly, the article introduce its epoch backgrounds. In the mid1940of the20th century, the world Anti-Fascist War entered its counterattack stage, Democracy and constitutionalism become the main trend of world political development. At that time,China was suffering an unprecedented reformation of the constitutionalism system. Defeat of Kuomindang(KMT) army in the battle of Henan,Hunan and Guangxi, which completely exposed the decadence and frailty of KMT’s dictatorship system of One-Party. By contrast, the Communist Party of China(CPC) increased its military strength in the war. The contrast of military strength between the KMT and the CPC, which created the prospect of the negotiations between the two sides. On the other hand, two democracy and constitutionalism campaigns has enriched and developed the Coalition Government Idea of CPC. Therefore, the proposition idea of Coalition Government, which is not only urgent in politic but also possible in realization at that time. The Idea reflected people’s political aspirations for democracy during the Anti-Japanese War, and it was a crystallization of the Communists’ political wisdom.Chapter2primarily discusses on the different attitudes for the Claim of Coalition Government from several political forces and the analysis for their reactions. Every political Parties represent different political interests, which decide their different attitudes on the Claim. KMT strongly opposed the Claim of Coalition Government because of the direct threat to the one-party dictatorship of KMT from the Advocation of Coalition Government. United States supported the Advocate of Coalition Government originally in order to safeguard its strategic interests in Asia. But United States(US) rapidly changed their attitudes to support the KMT, because US fear that the grow-up of CPC to out of their control. Originally, Central Parties(CP) are cautious to the Advocate of Coalition Government because they fear the crackdown from the KMT. But the CP began to coordinate with the CPC to actively promote the Advocate of Coalition Government when the Advocate was accepted by all people after it raised. Different attitudes of the political parties reflect their disagreements on whether China should achieve the political democratization.The third chapter mainly discuss the thought of revolutionary democratic and political compromise which embodied in the Advocate of Coalition Government. The Idea of Democratic Coalition Government was a revolutionary democratic thought. In the context of the war, the CPC proposed the Advocate for assembling all forces to participate the Anti-Japanese War by reforming the old political regime of KMT, hence, the Advocate was a political tool for the war. Besides, the Coalition Government was a more advanced system of government. Because the of dictatorship system KMT had seriously hampered the development of constitutionalism. This political formation was absolutely abandoned by the constitutionalism. So, the proposal of Coalition Government conformed to the trend of the times. Coalition Government was a kind of political community of Harmony But Not Sameness, which allowed to pursue different political interests between the parties on the basis of reaching the fundamental political consensus between the parties. So, it embodied a constitutional mechanism for compromise between the interests of all political groups.The last chapter mainly discuss three point, First of all is the core value of The Idea of Democratic Coalition Government studies, which developing and improving the people’s democratic values and consciousness; Secondly,the leadership of CPC in the political development is the requirements of people and the history; Finally, it discuss the significance of the article.
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